May 2015: READ the Introduction to Serious Dreams: Live Well, Do Good, Be True



March 2014: A LONGER LOOK AT THE NEW BOOK BY JAMES W. SKILLEN: THE GOOD OF POLITICS (20% off and a free book offer .)

February 2014: A Jubilee Rumination in Which I Announce a New Book by Steve Garber, a New Book by Derek Melleby & Donald Opitz, Recall the Significance of Playing God by Andy Crouch, Name-Drop a Pretty Famous Rock Star, and Cite the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.


October 2013: My Introduction to Writing in the Margins by Lisa Nichols Hickman

October 2013: REVIEW: EXTENDED VERSION It Was Good: Making Music to the Glory of God compiled by Ned Bustard (Square Halo Books) ON SALE NOW

August 2013: A LONGER LIST AND RELECTION: Resources on Spiritual Formation -- For Seekers, Beginners and more Mature Disciples... ALL BOOKS 20% OFF

June 2013: The Challenges of Cultural Discipleship (Richard Mouw) and a Long Kuyperian Essay. And a FREE BOOK by Kuyper, for those who read on...

March 2013: A REVIEW ESSAY: What We Talk About When We Talk About God by Rob Bell (HarperOne) ON SALE - $20.00

October 2012: Nurturing the Heart & Mind of the Christian (Lawyer): Books Old and New. A handout from a workshop at Christian Legal Society, October 2012.

September 2012: Books on Vocation & Calling, Books on Work and Jobs

July 2012: An Essay on the Christain Mind in Politics and A Must-Read List of Books on Christian Citizenship

June 2012: Books for outdoor education, adventure experiences, finding God in the outdoors, nature writing, and faith-based creation care.

May 2012: N.T. Wright: A Bookseller's Appreciation for a Scholar's Service to the Church and World. (And a reader's guide to his best books.)

April 2012: Kicking at the Darkness: Bruce Cockburn and the Christian Imagination by Brian Walsh (Brazos Press; $18.99) A two-part reflection.

February 2012: Three take-away points from the great Jubilee 2012 conference (and a bunch of books on sale, and a free book offer.)

November 2011: Books Sold and Recommended at the Redeemer Gospel & Culture Conference on Work

September 2011: You Lost Me David Kinnaman

August 2011: Schaeffer, Pearcey, The New Yorker, and American Grace (and other good books on faith and the public square.)

July 2011: Calvin College, Abraham Kuyper, The Christian Scholar's Review, *cino, and the great influence of John Stott

June 2011: A rich summer array of brand new books on spiritual formation.

May 2011: C.S. Lewis Institute Fellows Reading List

April 2011: Learning to love what God loves: Creation Care and Christian discipleship

March 2011: Jubilee authors, best-selling books and that fulfillment of prophecy: Bob Goff's door

February 2011: Reflections on a local Summit: Your Work Matters to God

January 2011: BEST BOOKS OF 2010

December 2010: C.S. Lewis: educational DVDs, books, devotional, Bible and other recent resources

November 2010: Advent and Christmas readings

September 2010: A few recent books on spirituality

July 2010: Biblical Studies (Part 2) More recent books about the Bible---introductory and scholarly

June 2010: Biblical Studies (Part 1) RECENT INTRODUCTORY BOOKS TO THE BIBLE


March 2010: Newsweek, Harvard, Belief, the Reason for God, The Myth of Religious Neutrality, and the Case for Civility

January 2010: BEST BOOKS OF 2009 (PART TWO)

December 2009: BEST BOOKS OF 2009 PART ONE

November 2009: Book of the Decade

October 2009: Developing a Christian Worldview Through Reading Widely: A Bibliography

September 2009: A Short list of books about globalization, economics, poverty

July 2009: Books about learning to care, service, missions & justice

June 2009: Books on Prayer

May 2009: Wilderness, Memoir and the Outdoors Life

April 2009: The Cross of Christ: An annotated bibliography

March 2009: Selling Books at IAM: and an extended list of books on the arts

November 2008: Living at the Crossroads: An Introdution to Christian Worldview

October 2008: The Prodigal God (Keller) and Return of the Prodigal Son (Nouwen)

July 2008: Beyond Homelessness: Christian Faith in a Culture of Displacement

June 2008: The New Conspirators: Creating the Future One Mustard Seed at a Time

May 2008: Three rare, exceptional, recordings: Life is More, Songs for a Revolution of Hope and Heaven in a Nightclub

April 2008: New books on spiritual formation: Eldridge, Benson, Foster and more...

March 2008: Why we are open to the Emergent Conversation: My journey, and books along the way

February 2008: New books on Christians and politics

January 2008: Best Books of the Year 2007 part 2

December 2007: Best Books of the Year 2007 part 1

November 2007: What to Think About the Golden Compass: A Long Answer to a Good Question

April 2007: Kurt Vonnegut, my activist past, and a Christian vision for creation-care

March 2007: Understanding the Hard Texts of the Bible: An essay on books about Reading Scripture Faithfully

February 2007: Steve Garber, William Wilberforce & AMAZING GRACE


December 2006: Hearts & Minds Best Books Awards 2006 PART ONE

November 2006: Preaching & Pastoring: A Provisional Miscellany

July 2006: Our Favorite Recent Novels

June 2006: Wealth, Business and Marketplace Reformation

May 2006: Da Vinci Code Books

April 2006: Practicing Congregations: New Books on Church Renewal

March 2006: The Irresistible Revolution

February 2006: Books, Blogs, & Business

January 2006: Some more award winners and Jubilee authors

December 2005: Hearts & Minds Best Book Awards 2005

November 2005: Not A Tame Lion: An Untame Listing of the Latest on C. S. Lewis

October 2005: God On The Quad

September 2005: Self Help Books That Are Not Cheesy or Shallow

August 2005: Rainbows for a Fallen World

July 2005: LIVE 8, Ron Sider, and the Travels of a T-shirt: Christian Perspectives on Social Justice and the Global Economy

May 2005: Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places: A Conversation in Spiritual Theology Eugene H. Peterson

April 2005: Real Sex, Victoria's Secrets and the Liberating Image of God

March 2005: Unspeakable: Facing Up To Evil in an Age of Genocide and Terror by Os Guinness

February 2005: Terrify no More by Gary Haugen and God's Politics by Jim Wallis

January 2005: Hearts & Minds in the News: Selling Books on Intelligent Design and Science Amidst Public Controversy

December 2004: Hearts & Minds Holiday Gift Suggestions

November 2004: Three Contenders for Book of the Year: Mouw, McLaren, and Walsh & Keesmat

October 2004: Pine Island Paradox and Good Writing to Help Us Care for the Earth

September 2004: Worldviews, Race and Interracial Friendship: Being White and Some of My Best Friends

August 2004: Broken We Kneel: Resources for a Humble and Faithful Christian Approach to Politics

July 2004: Candyfreak

June 2004: From High School to College: Book Recommendations

June 2004: Reading Widely, Thinking Hard and Naming the Elephant

May 2004: Hearts & Minds Best New Books Awards (and a few other things) Part 2

April 2004: Hearts & Minds Best New Books Awards (and a few other things)Part 1

March 2004: Revisiting The Fabric of Faithfulness

February 2004: Get Up Off Your Knees

January 2004: The Church in Emerging Culture

December 2003: Great Gift Ideas: Holy Ground, Epiphanies & Books on Reading the Bible

November 2003: Intruding Upon the Timeless

October 2003: Mudhouse Sabbath: A thicker and more vibrant faith

September 2003: Home from Nowhere

August 2003: Prophetic Untimeliness

July 2003: Indelible Ink

June 2003: Reading the Word with Ken Bailey & N.T. Wright

May 2003: Great Reading: Picks for Spring

April 2003: Unfettered Hope

March 2003: Finding God in the Ordinary

February 2003: Emergent Voices

January 2003: Reading as Spiritual Discipline

December 2002: The 2002 Hearts & Minds Christmas Gift List

November 2002: Choosing the Good: Christian Ethics in a Complex World

October 2002: Girl Meets God

September 2002: Christian Practices & Spiritual Disciplines for Youth Ministry and other important reading for serious youth workers

August 2002: John Calvin Meets Martha Stewart: Doing Presbyterian Evangelism in an Age of Cell Phones, Survivor and the Super Wal-Mart

July 2002: Telling Their Stories: My All-Time Favorite Memoirs

June 2002: John Eldredge's Wild at Heart: A Critique

May 2002: Debates About the Bible and Books About Reformed Theology & Spirituality

April 2002: Light in the Shadow of Jihad

March 2002: The Incomparable John Stott on the Incomparable Christ

February 2002: Hearts & Minds Choices for the Best Daily Devotionals

January 2002: Nurturing the Spirituality of the Ordinary

December 2001: Gifts for the Holidays: Books, Music and the Glory of Children's Books

November 2001: Taking a Stand for Justice: Five Action Proposals for Making a Difference on Campus

October 2001: Reading the Mountains of Home: books about wilderness, place and solace

September 2001: How the Christian Faith Can Sustain the Life of the Mind: A New Book to Be Widely Shared

August 2001: Long Journey Home: A New Book by Os Guinness

July 2001: The Kingdom and the Congregation: Some Recent Books About the Local Church

June 2001: The Tender Land: A Family Love Story by Kathleen Finneran

May 2001: Calvin Seerveld in the Fields of the Lord

April 2001: Kuyper for Our Time: Three Books Reviewed and One Free Offer

March 2001: Helping When Their Knees Knock: Equipping Students to Reach Professors

February 2001: Jubilee Visions: Daily Lifestyles and Christian Thinking

January 2001: Magazines & Newsletters: The Best and the Brightest

December 2000: Holiday Devotionals, New Books & the Smell of Sawdust

November 2000: God, Death and Sexual Weirdness: Remarkable Books of Healing, Hope & Grace

October 2000: Postmodern Pilgrims

September 2000: The Fabric of Faithfulness: Weaving Together Belief and Behavior During the University Years

July 2000: SoulSalsa

June 2000: Resisting Dualism: Reading the Bible, Dancing the Faith

May 2000: A Handful and a Half

April 2000: Time for Truth

March 2000: Where is the Freedom? Songs of the Freedom Tradition

February 2000: Marva Dawn & Eugene Peterson: Rediscovering Our Pastoral Callings

January 2000: Bookselling, Vocation & Making a Difference

December 1999: Seeker Selections II

November 1999: Seeker Selections

October 1999: Beginning Reading for New Believers

September 1999: AQUACHURCH: the vocation of voyaging

August 1999: Transforming Our Vision

July 1999: Review: Soul Tsunami

May 1999: Radical obedience

April 1999: Earthy Spirituality II: The Books of Eugene Peterson

March 1999: Earthy Spirituality: The Books of Eugene Peterson

February 1999: Professors Who Believe

January 1999: On To Jubilee!

December 1998: The Christmas List

October 1998: Prophetic Hopefulness: Looking for a Renewed Earth (Part Two)

September 1998: Prophetic Hopefulness: Looking for a Renewed Earth

August 1998: Byron's Favorite Partial Guide to the Best, Absolutely Must-Read, Gotta-Have Top Titles More-or-Less of All Time

July 1998: The Call

June 1998: The Preaching Life by Barbara Brown Taylor

May 1998: Music

April 1998: Jubilee follow-Up on Your Campus

March 1998: Building Community

February 1998: Knowing the Word of God

January 1998: Will Willimon: Resident Alien