Yes, I’ve gone and done an article on The Da Vinci Code

Yep, I did it. I wasn’t going to, and then I did. Five random points, a couple of nifty hot-links to some unexpected sites and a very interesting annotated bibliography. We do a new essay each month about this time over at the Hearts & Minds website, and this month we are proudly adding to the net overload of all things Da Vinci.
I would be delighted if you checked it out, and even more delighted if you told your friends and neighbors. And then, consider buying a couple of books for your local library. I’ll bet you haven’t see this particular batch of recommended reads on anybody else’s list.
You can find the Hearts & Minds website article and book list here.
For a special treat during this Dan Brown superbowl weekend, we’d recommend owning the marvelous CD Great Big World by singer-songwriter, Pierce Pettis, and play his wonderous, haunting song, “Leonardo.” We sell all his albums–Pierce’s that is, although Brown probably has some recordings, too–and couldn’t resist telling you about this one. The lyrics are best heard with the song, but for now, check out the words, here.

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