Frederick Buechner on Barbara Brown Taylor

Yesterday, I reviewed Leaving Church: A Memoir of Faith by one of our favorite writers, Barbara Brown Taylor. I noted a sadness I have about it, near the end, but this surely is no reason not to get it; it will be one of the most talked about books of the year and will be a memoir of pastoral life that will endure. Buechner, Gomes & Jones may be a far ways from her working farm in rural Habersham County, Georgia, but these quotes are so nice, I wanted to share them with you. Enjoy.

Barbara Brown Taylor’s beautiful book is rich with wit and humanness and honesty and loving detail. It is a book about the wonderful mess of being alive in this world, and about the wonderful and terrible things that happen to us in it, and about the dream of GodÉ. I cannot overstate how liberating and transforming I have found Leaving Church to be.

Frederick Buechner

How fortunate we are that Barbara Brown Taylor is here yet to remind us Ôthat the call to serve God is first and last the call to be fully human.Õ This memoir redeems the form and is full of surprises to those who may have grown tired of Ôchurch.Õ In her renewal is our own; and wherever she is, she still preaches.

Peter J. Gomes, Harvard University

A fiercely honest and gracious book about our primary vocation to be human. Here the reader will find an awesome reverence for mystery. This book comes as a refreshing challenge to reconnect with the longings in the depths of the soul. Many will read this book with relief and recognition.

Alan Jones, Dean of Grace Cathedral, San Francisco

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