Better Late Than Never: June column on line and Free Nooma Deal

Yes, I know, it is odd to annouce that our monthly book review column for June over at the Hearts & Minds website is now up. I won’t make excuses, although there are some interesting ones.
Please check out this rather complex introduction and long letter I wrote as a preamble to this month’s bibliography on wealth, finances, thinking Christianly about economics, work, business and the marketplace. As you can see for yourself, we’ve annotated a list of titles that may not be very well known—-we may be one of the few bookstores in the world that carries this particular selection. No anybody that would find this useful? Pass it on!

I will make you an offer, though—call it a “better late than never” compensation package. If you purchase any book listed in the June column* which we just posted, we will give you, absolutely free, the brand new, very moving Nooma video—actually a DVD on materialism, called Rich.
You may know these Noomas, MTV style visual sermons done by the brillant and very creative Rob Bell. Each runs about 12 minutes, are filmed in a very edgy, hip camera style, and offer insightful and provacative rants by Rev. Bell, usually spoken right into the camera. These usually sell for $12.99 and if you order any book from that June list, we will include this new Nooma at no cost. We stock them all, of course, but this one fits the June theme.

How’s that for a way to compensate for doing the June column in early July? How’s that for a great deal—buy one of our recommended books on economics, business, wealth or a Christian view of work and get Nooma 013, Rich, for free. This deal can’t go on forever, so we will end it when the next monthly column goes on line, later in July.
Order over at the website or send us an email ( or call us (717.246.3333) noting this blog free DVD special.
*I’ve never done the small print thing, and sort of hate to, but this offer really can’t include the out-of-print Denis Haack book, The Rest of Success, which is being sold at an unreasonably cheap price anyway.

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  1. What a very fine list, Byron! You’ll receive an order from our office library for many of these books.

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