Criminology & Law

To Serve and Protect Judith Kowalski (ACTA) An inspiring collection of testimonies on law enforcement officers reflecting on their faith and work.
Convicted: New Hope for Ending America’s Crime Crisis Charles Colson & Daniel Van Ness (Crossroad) A very basic book on a Biblical alternative to typical criminal punishment, called “restorative justice.” Includes very practical proposals.
Crime and It’s Victims Daniel Van Ness (IVP) The definitive study of crime in the Bible and a call for a Christian approach. A must-read! Changing Lenses: A New Focus for Crime & Justice Howard Zehr (Herald Press) Responding out of an intentional Christian paradigm, this book examines assumptions about crime and proposes a new, “restorative” lens. Excellent.
The Lawyer’s Calling: Christian Faith and Legal Practice Joseph Alligretti (Paulist Press) A readable but very excellent approach to a Christian perspective.
Can a Good Christian Be A Good Lawyer? Edited by Thomas Baker & Timothy Floyd (University of Notre Dame) Subtitled, “homilies, witnesses and reflections” this is a diverse and serious collection of various essays and articles.
Positive Neutrality: Letting Religious Freedom Ring Steven V. Monsma (Baker Book House) Makes a compelling case that the principle of justice demands an framework which treats religious freedoms and institutions equally with secular ones (as opposed to the recent bias in favor of secularism.) Of the many good books on “church-state” legal matters, this is the best place to stare. Solid!
Faith and Order: Reconciliation of Law and Religion Harold J. Berman (Emory University) Although exceptionally academic, this scholarly, historical work is immensely significant in the field of jurisprudence.