For the Children’s Sake: Foundations of Education for Home and School Susan Schaeffer Macaulay (Crossway) A delightful survey of the educational philosophy of British educator Charlotte Mason and how this vibrant view can shape our work with children. Wonderfully written and insightful, a nice starter book.
Your Child’s Heart: Building Strong Character and a Lasting Faith Terry Glaspey (Highland Books) Although written for parents, this wonderful book is a call to help children develop their moral imaginations through good books.
Letters to Lisa: Conversations with a Christian Teacher John Van Dyk (Dordt College Press) A gem of a book, written as a series of letters between a daughter (first time elementary teacher) and her father (a professor of education) Each letter is about how to apply the Christian worldview and being faithful in the daily details of the classroom, so it is a perfect example of relating theory and practice. (Note: Although the story unfolds in an alternative Christian school, the wisdom and insights are clearly transferable to public school settings!)
Walking With God in the Classroom: Christian Approaches to Learning and Teaching Harro Van Brummelen (Alta Vista) The definitive, serious book on developing a truly Christian framework on thinking Christianly about schooling. Essential. (Please know: although this is written mostly for alternative Christian schools, the insights and wisdom are transferable to public school settings!)
Christian Teachers in Public Schools Julia Stronks & Gloria Goris Stronks (Baker) Truly the only good book of its kind, this can serve as a guide to teachers, administrators and parents. Although an immensely helpful book, don’t miss the previously listed titles which develop a more foundational philosophy of learning and teaching (which this book presupposes.)
Savage Inequalities: Children in America’s Schools Jonathan Kozol (HarperCollins) Although not written from a Christian perspective, Kozol’s passion for children makes him always important to read. In this one, he illustrates the painful truth that many public schools are terribly underfunded while nearby, other schools are exquisitely appointed. Anyone who cares about public education, or children…
The Gift of the Stranger: Faith, Hospitality, and Foreign Language Learning David Smith & Barb Carvill (Eerdmans) What a gift! This books integrates Biblical teaching, sound and caring theology and offers an appraisal of various ways foreign languages are taught. Every academic discipline should be so fortunate.