Health Care

Called to Care: A Christian Theology of Nursing Judith Shelly & Arlene Miller (IVP) No book is as accessible and Biblical, clearly trying to develop a solid Christian framework for thinking about medical caregiving. For anyone in the health fields.
Helping and Healing: Religious Commitment in Health Care Edmund Pellegrino (Georgetown University Press) Although a touch academic, this treatise is truly one of the best in print. Good for any medical worker.
Being Well Kenneth Vaux (Abingdon) A theologically-informed approach to health, a look at the redemptive possibility of disease and the search for life while affirming meaning beyond death. A basic study for all who deal with life and death issues.
Redeeming Marketplace Medicine: A Theology of Health Care Abigail Rian Evans (Pilgrim Press) A very important study of the changing world of health care systems and a prophetic, Christian call for a better way, including defining health in a theologically-informed fashion and partnering with local congregations.
The Changing Face of Health Care Edited by John Kilner, et al (Eerdmans) A masterpiece collection of semi-scholarly articles covering a Christian appraisal of managed care, resource allocation and patient-caregiver relationships. Urgent.
Confessions of a Medicine Man: An Essay in Popular Philosophy Alfred Tauber (MIT Press) Although not Christian, it is wonderful to see a caring physician and a professional philosopher reflecting on the deeper matters of his work.