A Covenant to Keep: Meditations on the Biblical Theme of Justice James Skillen (Center for Public Justice) Grand Biblical reflections with thoughtful questions and a few case studies. Certainly the starting point for anyone concerned about citizenship, social justice of political action.
A Public Faith: Bringing Personal Faith to Public Issues Charles Drew (NavPress) A balanced and reasonable book, inviting Christian to reflect in nonpartisan ways about civic duties.
Thine Is The Kingdom: A Biblical Perspective on the Nature of Government and Politics Today Paul Marshal (Regent College) The definitive introductory study of a Biblical view of the state and a Christian view of politics. This is a must for anyone interested in the field.
The Soul of Politics Jim Wallis (Harcourt, Brace) Not exactly on the development of a Christian view of government, this is a plea for faith-inspired activism that rejects both the secular left and the religious right, and attempts to offers a truly third way of civic activism, public justice and social compassion.
Christians & Politics Beyond the Culture Wars: An Agenda for Engagement Edited by David Gushee (Baker Book House) A broad collection of excellent articles and studies, including Biblical basics, overviews of the role of government and pieces on specific political topics. Very, very useful.
Just Peacemaking: Ten Practices for Abolishing War edited by Glen Stassen (Pilgrim Press) With the Biblical command to be peacemakers guiding them, a group of leading Christian scholars researched the very best ideas for encouraging international peace and justice. A rich and practical guide to thinking concretely about this aspect of Christian political work.
Political Order and the Plural Structure of Society edited by James Skillen & Rockne McCarthy (Emory University) This is very scholarly but so extraordinary that it must be mentioned. A serious collection of primary source readings from three “traditions” which move readers towards a profoundly religious understanding of society, pluralism and state craft. Very, very important.