Popular Culture

With Eyes Wide Open: Looking for God in Popular Culture William Romanowski (Brazos) The best book on the subject. The author’s easy-to-read style is crisp, his approach Biblical, his knowledge immense. Essential. (Due late Feb. 2001)
At the Crossroads Charlie Peacock (Broadman) Although mostly about the contemporary Christian music industry, this wise effort does a nice job in commending an “in the world but not of it” engagement with the popular arts.
All God’s Children and Blue Suede Shoes: Christian and Popular Culture Ken Myers (Crossway) A very thoughtful and critical assessment of how Christians might (or might not) engage pop culture and mass media.
Pop-Culture Wars: Religion and The Role of Entertainment in American Life William D. Romanowski (IVP) A truly important work, this is a study of the history of entertainment and how the church has, unwisely, been opposed. Makes the case for seeing the popular arts in light of Christianly-conceived aesthetic norms and for doing open-minded media education, nurturing Christian engagement and discernment.
Reel Spirituality: Theology & Film in Dialogue Robert K. Johnston (Baker Book House) Although there are several more basic books on the topic, this is a serious and thoroughly Christian work on film studies. Very well done.