Preaching & Pastoring: A Provisional Miscellany

I guess it would be overstating it to say it is a Christmas present to our faithful readers—yes, it really would be an overstatement. But you still might make you jolly to know that I’ve done a new, long bibliography over at the website. You may recall that I (used to) do a monthly Book Review Article, and those longer reviews are all archived.
Although I’ve skipped doing them this fall, I’ve just posted one for November. October and December ones may follow soon (I hope) and then, early in January, we will post the “Hearts & Mind Best of the Year list”, which will be quirky, diverse, interesting and a list of great quality. We got great feedback from last years, so we hope to have the drum roll and awards presentation for ’06 within a few weeks. But I’m ahead of myself.
For Christmas (after the O Holy Night clip I posted Christmas Eve) please enjoy the Hearts & Minds website Monthly Book Review, which is a two-fer. One is a list of recommendations on pastoral leadership, the next is one on preaching. I list some really great books, and describe them in ways that I hope is enticing. Maybe you could pass the list around to those who might find it useful. (That would be a Christmas gift to us, sharing our efforts with others.)
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