Visit the April column: Books on Earth-Keeping and Creation-Care

I thought I should provide a link to our April column over at the website, (Click on the April 07 highlighted spot, under the bookcover.) The monthly review essay this time includes some very personal stuff about my (mostly previous) life as an enviromental activist, working to educate folk about stuff likeThree Mile Island, hearing Kurt Vonnegut and how Christian faith has motivated us to care about peace, justice, and, as some put it, “the integrity of creation.” If you don’t care about my revelations of former escapades, jump part way through where I annotate a bunch of books on creation care, Earth-keeping, and mention a brand new book that I am very, very excited about, by a hero of mine, Bob Goudzewaard. Those important books ought not be missed.
Please pay the website a visit. Do any of these books seem urgent to you? Are you not glad that evangelical leaders, especially, are so outspoken these days about God’s good Earth?

One thought on “Visit the April column: Books on Earth-Keeping and Creation-Care

  1. Right on, Byron.Actually my colleague Rolf is putting together a conference over here at UM called “Religion, Ecology, and Climate Change.” Chapel-alum Cal De Witt is presenting among others. October of next year.I just sent a link to this IV guy who’d ask me for a list of creation-care books for a different conference– though now I can’t think of where or for whom.Later.Mark Roeda

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