Review up at the November 2008 Review Column: Living at the Crossroads: An Introdution to Christian Worldview

Maybe it is a tad postmodern, or at least disorienting, to post-date this new review article written in January 2009 and publish it back on the November 2008 Monthly Column spot.  Call me compulsive—it won’t be the first time—but I just wanted to have a space for a larger reflection, and finish off the (not so regular) columns.  So to find today’s blog posting, check out that review.

Please jump over to the website monthly column and see my ruminations on why we are so eager to promote the book I announced in the last post, Living at the Crossroads: An Introduction to Christian Worldview by Michael Goheen & Craig Bartholomew (Baker; $19.99.)  I reflect a bit on what we mean by “a Christian worldview” and why it is so important.  More importantly, I tell why Mr. Goheen and Mr. Bartholomew are so able and helpful guides into this topic, and how they explain it all within the social context of modernity and postmodernity.  We live in intersting, some say, epoch-changing times.  Christians of serious faith must live out their discipleship in all areas of life, in the times in which we find ourselves.  This book will help churches make disciples, helping us all live well, with coherence, integration and relevant fidelity.  Enjoy the review.


“This book means to put genuine life back into worldview studies.
Bartholomew and Goheen present a Reformational world-and-life view with
missional dynamic. Biblical theology and an evangelizing church enter
fully into their reflection on following Jesus in every sphere of human
society in today’s mixed-up, deteriorating world culture. The authors
bring redemptive insight to bear upon Western history, business,
politics, art, and spirituality as well as the resurgence of Islam, and
they do it in clear, passionate, down-to-earth language. Living at the Crossroads is basic, an invigorating challenge to anyone who would become a mature disciple of Jesus Christ.”
-Calvin Seerveld, Institute for Christian Studies, emeritus, Toronto author, Rainbows for the Fallen World

“Knowing where you have come from is nearly as important as knowing
where you want to go. Goheen and Bartholomew trace the deep roots of
our contemporary Western worldview in that kind of easy, broad-brush
comprehensiveness that makes one exclaim, ‘Yes of course, that’s
exactly the way things are-and why!’ But alongside that, they do an
equally good job in presenting the biblical worldview as the story that
tells it like it really is, for life, the universe, and everything.
That’s the way things are-but as God sees them. The combination
powerfully forces us to see the dissonance between the two, and the
stark choice that Christians need to make. Which story do we live by?
Which road do we travel from the crossroads? But the book is far from
all theory. It grounds the challenge of living out the Christian story
in a variety of very practical, very up-to-date, areas of life in the
world around us. This is a book filled with eye-opening insight,
biblical nourishment, practical challenge, and robust hope. It turns
the mission of God into our mission in the world and compels us to make
some radical choices.”
-Christopher J. H. Wright, international director, Langham Partnership International; author of The Mission of God

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