Best Books of the Year List finally posted. Whew, what great books we’ve seen this year.

first-place-blue-ribbon-300x283.jpgBEST BOOKS OF 2010 POSTED.

Yes-sir-eeeee, folks, it is finally here.  I’ve rambled on and on and finally had to call it a day.  I was starting to think up goofy categories like I do some years in this “best of” list, just to have the opportunity to tell you about a book I really liked.

I was even going to list John Dower’s mighty Cultures of War: Pearl Harbor / Hiroshima / 9-11 / Iraq as “The Best Book of Contemporary History That Is Way Over 500 Pages That I Haven’t Really Read Yet But Think It Deserves An Award Anyway” but then I realized that Ratification: The People Debate the Constitution 1787-1788 by the highly esteemed Pauline Maier would have to win the award for “Best Book of History of the 18th Century That is Way Over 500 Pages That I Haven’t Really Read Yet But Think It Deserves An Award Too” and that sounded sketchy. 

I had cooked up the “2010 Shhh Award” for The Unwanted Sound of Everything We Want: A Book About Noise by the excellent wordsmith Garret Keizer but that was just too dumb of a an award category, and didn’t want to sully the reputation of this outstanding study with my loud tomfoolery.   Images of Salvation in the New Testament, a remarkably brilliant and serious work by Brenda Colijn was lined up to receive an award alluding to her ability to kick the behinds of Bible guys who only have one single image of how salvation must be described, but I realized that, while it is true, it isn’t an Award, now is it?  And when I wanted to honor a book by a popular inspirational author by creating “The Worst One-Paragraph Description of Postmodernism I Have See This Year Award” I knew I was getting grumpy.

So, this year, I’ve thought long and hard, and wrestled the list to, well, be less wordy than some years.  These are all really solid winners.  You may want to print it out.  Get some hot chocolate and prop those feet up.  This is going to be sweet.  We are grateful for the winners, and a whole lot that didn’t end up on the program.  And see are time-limited award-winning discount below.

Please click on the link for the 2010 Hearts & Minds Best books of the Year Awards list, posted as the January 2011 monthly column over at the website.  Thanks for reading—the reviews that we do, of course, and more importantly, for supporting the authors and publishers who do the writing and releasing.  As I sincerely say at the very end (may you arrive there eventually) there wouldn’t be a book industry and bookstores, if there weren’t readers like you who want to read, and perhaps own some real books.  Thanks for caring.

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  1. Byron…I eagerly wait for this list every new year. You probably have done this, but I think it’d be fun to put all these in a compendium of sorts.

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