Orders and E-mails from January 2nd and 3rd lost. Help!

Oh baby, what a way to usher in the New Year here at our workplace.  Although we don’tfrustrated.jpg usually answer emails on Sunday (as we say at the website order form page) every other day we always answer each email, promptly and personally, human-to-human, if only to confirm that the order was received. And to offer a greeting and blessing.  Betcha don’t get that kind of lovin’ from  Amazon.

Alas, on Monday (January 2nd) and into today, Tuesday, we couldn’t reply to anyone or confirm any orders because our account at an email server went indescribably bonkers. 

If you sent us any emails from mid-day on January 2nd, until noon on January 3rd, please be advised (he says rather formally) that your communication with us was lost. Gone rogue, AWOL, prodigal, disappeared. Zip.

Please, please re-send whatever you sent I’ll be on the edge of my office chair here, eagerly awaiting whatever we missed.

We do hope you will contact us again.  We do, quite humanely, apologize for this dumb hassle.  And we’ll be sure to respond personally, like the good old days of 2011.  Thanks.


234 East Main Street 
Dallastown, PA  17313