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  1. Byron, in addition to fascinating books about food, do you carry any actual cookbooks?

  2. Gideon,So glad to hear from you. I replied earlier and lost the darn thing…I am still learning this stuff, which must made you smile a bit.Yes, yes, we stock lots of cookbooks (along with, as you noted, some fine books on a theology of food, reflections on eating, memoirs of food critics and such. I recently began the fascinating reflections of Ruth Reichl (Garlic & Sapphires: The Secret Life of a Critic in Disguise) whose earlier memoir of entering the San Fran counterculture and whole foods movement, and starting gourmet type veggie coops, Comfort Me With Apples, is one of my all time favorites.)I am not sure where to begin, though. Perhaps you could, as the search engines say, narrow your question a bit. What sorts or types of cookbooks might you like me to tell you about? We’ve got standards like Betty Crocker and some of the newish celeb ones based on the cool cooking shows; we have vegetarian ones and old school one-pot crock-pot ones. Some have rather exotic recipes, others that are “country” cooking.We always find ourselves telling folks about the More With Less cookbook that the MCC did decades ago, and the wonderful international one that was a sequal, Extending the Table. The brand new one is on seasonal cooking and is beautiful! I have started a little essay on it, actually, and will blog about it soon—it is that nice, and that important. Alas, we’ve not tried any of the recipes yet (am I bad for promoting a cookbook we haven’t actually used?) It is lovely, though.So, anyway, let us know what you might find most helpful–high-end books for serious chefs or for newbie cookers? Sorry to waffle (sorry, couldn’t help myself.) Just give us a bit more info and we’ll get back to you soon. This is fun.My father in law, whose condition I’ve alluded to on the blog already, is, as we speak, on his way to the emergency room with a serious blood clot near his heart. Join me in emergecy intercession?? Thanks.Byron

  3. You fuzzy answer raises a gazillion further questions for me! But let’s start with this: If I were to buy my daughters each three or four cookbooks for when they leave home … or better yet, if there were three or four cookbooks with which I wanted them to become familiar before leaving home … what should I buy? (That’s a good narrow place to start, isn’t it?)

  4. Hello, Byron. I have a cookbook to recommend. It’s called “Plots and Pans” http://www.sumachpress.com/plotpan.htmIt’s a cookbook that would suit you and yours quite well as it is centred around food and literature served at the authors’ book club meetings. It has lots of notes for cooks and discussion questions for books! Mmmm… delicious. Enjoy!

  5. friends:Thanks for writing. This is fun but, as I note in my reply to a post from 8-2-05, our vigil at the hospital is consuming our energies. I will get back to you soon, Lord willing. Sorry to delay…we appreciate your prayers and patience.Byron

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