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I have been meaning to announce here the monthly website article listing our picks for the best new books from the batch of C.S. Lewis and Narnia releases. We read quite a few this fall, and give our reports; one friend (okay, it was a friend) said that ours was more intersting than the good survey in Christianity Today. The author of that one may be more reliable, I’d say, but it may be worth your time to check out the November article over at our website,
Here is how that big ‘ol annotated list begins:
C. S. Lewis, we find, is an author that is widely known (well, not to one lady we met at a conference this fall who asked if he would be coming to the event) but not as widely studied as we might expect. In the new, informal and very heartfelt biography of Jack (as he liked to be called), JackÕs Life, by his stepson Douglas Gresham, Gresham writes, “Éif you are someone who reads, then the chances are that you have read something by C. S. Lewis, and if you havenÕt, then you have a great feast of reading before you.” Very true; very true!
Click here to read the actual recommendations.
(Better do it soon, since the year-end Hearts & Minds awards and honors will be posted there soon…)

5 thoughts on “Narnian book reviews at the website

  1. My wife and I sat down to watch the DVD included with “Jack’s Life.” It was quite an enjoyable experience for us fans of St. Clive. I am looking forward to actually reading the book. But for now, it is a groovy addition to my shelf of Jack books. And thanks for the review ( ) on the wave of new Narnia books. When I saw the display in your store, I was overwhelmed by the plethora of new choices. And even a rabid fan like me can only buy a finite number of Lewis books. But I feel compelled to point out that the review was missing one very significant book on Narnia that you carry… “The Chronicles of Narnia Comprehension Guide” published by Veritas Press.I can’t seem to recall the name of the author at this moment… 😉

  2. Well, well, that Veritas Press book, by one Ned Bustard, is an excellent resource, with questions and discussion ideas and an overview of each and ever chapter of each and every book.However, I must note that the listing was supposed to be a guide to some of the new books. That great text has been out a little while and I couldn’t sneak it in. It is pretty great, though, and if anybody out there sees this, they should call us asap and order it. Bustard knows his Narnia!Byron

  3. Byron,Do you carry anything by Miroslav Volf? I got the best Christmas gift ever: a gift card to Hearts and Minds! And I thought a good way to use it would be on a Volf book…Merry ChristmasJosh

  4. Yes, yes, we have his famous Exclusion and Embrace, and an earlier work on the Spirit. He has a new one coming in late january or Feb.Email me at if you want more info about which might be best for you…THANKS.Byron

  5. volf also has a book on the Church and Trinity (After our Image) as i’m sure byron knows well.

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