A wonderful book story

Every now and then I get these blessed reports of people who use the books we sell to minister to others, or have found, somehow, some insight or inspiration in them. These notes keep us steadfast in our calling and remind us that this book reviewing and bookselling stuff really can be worth it.
After the post-Jubilee post last week, when I suggested that a few really good books didn’t sell as many as we might have wished, we got this kind note. I share it with you not at all to toot our own horn or to suggest that everyone should go out of their way to send us these stories (although occasionally it really does boost the spirit.) I share it to remind us all that a little paragraph read here, a page copied there, a book devoured by eager readers or a section shared with those who otherwise wouldn’t buy the book, all, in their own way, can make a difference. Thanks to the friend who sent this in. Kudos to you for your good and creative work. Note not only how she used the book with the leaders in her college dorm, but the writing excercise and the passing out of roses. Now that is a cool program.

Even though Free of Charge wasn’t a big seller, I happened to be one
of the patrons who did purchase a copy. Periodically I get to do stuff
with the RA staff in my building. Last semester I read a chapter to
them from Blue Like Jazz (the one on community–living with freaks)
and facilitated a discussion with them.
Well today I had the opportunity to work with their team again. All
week long I’ve tried to figure out what to do and I couldn’t make up
my mind. Well this morning I read the prelude to Free of Charge and
instantly knew that I would use it with them.
I’ve noticed that aside from school books the students I work with
aren’t “big readers” so I’ve thought, “well if they won’t read then
I’ll read to them.” I read them the prelude and then did a 20 minute
guided writing activity with them( kinda like Lauren Winner did in
her memoir workshop). It was fantastic!
I’m not sure I’ve ever been with them when they’ve been that quiet. I
didn’t have folks turn in their writing to me, I wanted to have the
freedom to write what they “really” wanted thought. And they all
seemed to write for the majority of the time. I ended our time
together by giving them a rose to remind them of the gifts they’ve
been given and the gifts they have to give. As I was leaving the lobby
I noticed that one of the cleaning ladies had a rose in her hand, I
wonder who passed it along to her. 🙂
All that to say I’m looking foward to reading all the other gems that
Volf has to offer. Thanks for sharing your love of books! It is