Random good books from OCBP: A window into…

Here’s this year’s OCBP crew and a link to the

brief reflection from one of the early students to participate in this sumer project in the late 80’s here.

4 thoughts on “Random good books from OCBP: A window into…

  1. “Art and Soul (perhaps the best book to start with for thoughtful artists wanting a faithful interaction),”–that is, until “It Was Good: Making Art to the Glory of God” is back in print, right?:)

  2. Byron: What wonderful recommendations! Especially for the father of teen daughters, and teen daughters who seek to serve their peers with wisdom. By the way: your business book recommendations from some weeks ago were wonderful … I just received the big box full that we bought for our office library. These books will be put to very good use for years to come. What a blessing your bookstore is to all of us!

  3. I’m still using the dozen or so books that I bought from you when I did the BP in 2002. Students are wiser for having heard you and bought your books. To bad Runner’s The Relation of the Bible to Learning is out of print, I just read it – as relevant today as it was in 1960.

  4. on pop culture, you might be interested to see that the folks, Doug Wilson et al, at Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho, are doing a ministerial conference with Ken Myers as one of the speakers.www.christkirk.com/Ministerial/index.asp as for sex, marriage, and romance, I’ve recently become aware of the writing and ministry of Tommy Nelson, a pastor from Denton, TX, who does regular seminars on Song of Songs and other subjects. The print version is called _The Book of Romance_http://www.tommynelsondirect.com/rsrce_landing.aspgood stuff, Byron!

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