2006 Best Books Part Two

The long-awaited (am I fooling myself? It may be long-forgotten, except for the two or three guys who have been ever-hopeful in their inquiries about this) 2006 Book of the Year Awards Part Two are now up, posted as a January column over at the Hearts & Minds webpage.
Please, please, please check it out, reading my crazy categories and very astute picks. A-hem. Seriously, some truly great books have come out in the last year, and we are thrilled to plug a few here. If you didn’t read Part One, I’ve actually tweaked that list just a bit (added two more in the always popular “Books I Loved To Hate” category.) So check the December Book Review article for that, and the new January article for Part Two. I wish our awards were known far and wide, not for our sake, really, but so that these good books could be more widely known, honored, considered. There are others, to be sure. What would you pick??
Thanks very much. Happy reading!

2 thoughts on “2006 Best Books Part Two

  1. Thanks so much for mentioning my book HEARTS AND MINDS: RAISING YOUR CHILD WITH A CHRISTIAN VIEW OF THE WORLD. The response we’ve gotten thus far has been really overwhelming.I’m going to be up your way in April — doing a seminar based on the book in Hanover, PA. It would be great to meet up face to face.

  2. looks like a great list… am a little embarrassed to admit i’ve only read like 3 of them (maybe). happy jubilee week… hope all is well for you all! if you need any extra hands in the next 2 days/evenings- send an email my waybecki laird

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