The Path of Celtic Prayer

Our previous post noted some recent books on spiritual formation. I introduced those great titles by insisting that an emphasis on spirituality was not in order to escape this world or to turn inward, only, but to form us in ways so we could, as faithful followers of Jesus, be wise in the ways of cultural engagement and, particularly, creation-care. As we’ve enjoyed lucsious spring weather, here, I’ve tossed back my head in joy for the beauties of the Earth; as I’ve pondered the books I reviewed last week about ecology, I am again urgently reminded of the need to integrate faith, spiritual renewal, and creational stewardship.
A tradition that helps with that, of course, is the Celtic one. We have oodles of books—wee ones and big ones—on Celtic spirituality. Some are ancient, some recent. They are, natch, attuned to the cycles of creation and attentive to God showing up in the ordinary.
Here is a brand new one by a very favorite reliable author, the much-respected Calvin Miller, called The Path of Celtic Prayer: An Ancient Way to Everyday Joy (IVP/formatio; $18.) Miller, who reminds me of his friend Eugene Peterson, is a crisp and wise writer, and we commend his work no matter what he is writing about (most often the inner journey and faithful spirituality or guidance for pastors on resisting professionalization in ministry.) This new one looks just fabulous, describing various ways to pray (as taught by these ancients.) And it has a chapter “Nature Prayer” as the Irish show how to glory in the goodness of God’s handiwork.

The Path of Celitic Prayer
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