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I thought you might like to see the poster my friend Ned Bustard (World’s End Images) did for a Sunday school class I am teaching. I am convinced that mature, sustainable, multi-faceted, faithful Christian engagement with culture–from social action to the arts to marketplace witness to a renewal of education to care for the Earth to the restoration of our towns and cities—will demand an urgent and passionate recovery of the grand themes of the Kingdom of God, the calling of laypeople to vocations of social innovation, the spirituality of the ordinary and a recovery of a high regard for good doctrine, a wise and proper use of the Bible, and the vast implications of Christ’s Kingship for every zone of life. This urgency animates much of what we do here at BookNotes, and our desire to sell books to like-minded friends across the country.
I am tickled to do this worldview class at First Presbyterian Church in York, and grateful for the chance to teach in the adult ed ministry of my church. Pray for us. Order books from the lists last week. Thanks.

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  1. Dave,THANKS so much for this encouragement. With so many Christians (and their respective reading habits) stuck in an anti-cultural, insular retreat for the world (that God so loves) or a hip but accomodating sythesis of Christ and the prevailing ideologies, it is hard to know how to guide disciples to make a difference these days.I think intentional community is part of that, so the house church movement is actually pretty dear to my heart in many ways; we have never been a part of a house church (we value our connection with mainline denominations) but we’re glad for anyone talking about bringing folk together in homes for worship, community and mutual edification.So, your profile didn’t lead anywhere: where are you? (Did I detect a British or Aussie accent?) What do you do? What’s paltalk? Have you read any other of our blog posts? Ever need any books (ha–you know that was coming.)We REALLY appreciate your encouragement; we love to hear of anyone interested in getting beyond the truncated gospel or who is interested in reading about worldviews. Thanks again.Christ is King,Byron

  2. hey byron,dave corbett here, just found your blog whilst looking into the book “gospel according to starbucks”, which you reveiwed. Your blog today is exactly what i was chatting up with some freinds this morn on our regular paltalk room! funny eh?our movement of international cell and house churches started in PA [].great to hear of your store and this blog – press on, man!

  3. the class looks great—and cool art work as always by mr. bustard!let’s see if this can be published now? D

  4. Byron,
    I attended the Transform ’07 Conference at McLean Presbyterian during the weekend of 19-21 Oct and want to pass my sincere thanks to you for your participation & stewardship. Really appreciated your comments during Saturday’s session and was impressed/blessed by the “Book-room” that you and your team set up. I am very interested in developing a more biblically centered worldview, and was amazed by the resources you offer on the subject. I got a copy of (RE)THINKING WORLDVIEW… by Bertrand following your recommendation & just spent some time reading your Website/Blog (Great site & resource!). I read your post regarding the Sunday school series you taught SEEING LIFE THROUGH THE EYES OF FAITH… and, if you are willing to take me on as a “Distance Learning” Sunday School student, I would love to read a copy of the lessons. Again, I greatly appreciate what you do via your calling to encourage Christians to read widely & enable them to apply their faith/convictions to their vocation. Thanks again. v/r Jamie Moses

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