IAM does an interview with Byron about Hearts & Minds…and a recent reading list published in Comment

IAM conversations.jpgYes, the lively and friendly interviewer Christy Tennant, who works in New York for the International Arts Movement (IAM), did a set of free-ranging interviews with me on the vision behind our store, why we carry so many books on culture-making (and other stuff that typical Christian bookstores may not stock), our take on our bookselling calling and more.  There are two parts, done last April, posted alongside other really great podcast interviews**, at the IAM Conversations part of their fabulous website.  I thought some BookNote readers might like to actually hear me talk a bit…

**I’m not kidding: scroll back and check these out;  Christy chats with former U.S. Poet Laurate Billy Collins, philosopher Nic Woltersdorff, Steve Garber (author of Fabric of Faithfulness, recorded live at the CCOs Jubilee conference), jazz muscians such as Helen Sung and Deanna Witkowski,contemporary artist and IAM founder Mako Fujimura, critic and scholar Don Siedell (God in the Gallery), Andy Crouch (Culture-Making), Susan Isaacs (Angry Conversations with God)…wow!  What a resource!  I’m so honored to be interviewed alongside these stellar folks. 

This may be presumptuous but if anybody is doing any promo work for us, trying to convince their church or college or bookgroup or agency to use our services, why not cast this pod over their way?  It’s just me rambling on, sharing our love for books and explaining our work, but, well, it’s what I do. Help us if you can by spreading the word to others who love indie stores. 

Speaking of finding Hearts & Minds other places than our own blog, I just had some book
stack of books.jpg reviews published at one of our favorite on-line journals, Comment (published by the profound Canadian think-tank cardus.)

One column is actually a reprint of a clever article they published about a year ago, inviting readers to a feast of books, using the food metaphor as I list various sorts of titles–appetizers, main course, dessert, etc.  I’m glad they reprinted it.  Bon Appetit!

Here is a brand new article where I describe some recently released gems, very thoughtful books, from the extraordinary Shopcraft as Soulcraft to the newest Alain de Botton (on work)  to N.D. Wilson’s spectacularly weird and demanding Notes from a Tilt-A-Whirl.  Do check it out.

Thanks to Comment for allowing me the privilege of writing for them. They publish serious Christian reflections on issues of public concern, and usually include odd little suggestions on music, food, or ” small comforts.”  Love it!  You should subscribe, getting their good stuff weekly.

2 thoughts on “IAM does an interview with Byron about Hearts & Minds…and a recent reading list published in Comment

  1. Hello, Byron! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you or visited, but wanted to just write and thank you for the “thumbs up” you gave my friend’s latest book. Rick Ostrander was our dean of undergraduate studies here at John Brown University where I teach theology and New Testament now. I call JBU ‘InterVarsity University” for good reason! So, just wanted to say hello and let you know how much I continue to esteem you, your influence and work.
    Robbie Castleman
    (old IVCF staff)
    Associate Professor of Theology
    J.Vernon McGee Chair in Biblical Studies
    John Brown University

  2. Robbie,
    Thanks! I think of you often and this kind of encouragement means a lot.
    For those reading in, the book she is referring to was described in a post about Christians in higher education, here: https://www.heartsandmindsbooks.com/booknotes/back_to_college_package_with_s/ Rick’s, who was mentored, I’m guessing, by Robbie, and whose scholarly work unfolded under historian George Marsden, has a lovely little book that we really recommend for anyone in campus work.
    Robbie has a great book, old but still very, very timely, called Parenting in the Pews, about faith development in children, and teaching kids about God, church, worship and such. The little boys she writes about there are now all grown up and seeking God’s reign, so I guess her book has credibility.
    Robbie: your little LifeGuide Bible study “The Story of Scripture” is fabulous, too. So few see the “big picture” and that inductive study is perfect for small groups that want to see the Story unfold.

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