New book list posted at July monthly column: recent Biblical Studies (part 2)

The days of summer have not been slower for me, and I guess not for you.  Still, we hope that you can squeeze some extra time in some shaded spot to enjoy books you’ve bought from us.  And, perhaps, to think about resources you might need to help deepen your desire to study the Scriptures; maybe you even intend to lead a Bible study or book group this fall.  I presume that most readers agree that the Bible is the book above all books, and we can’t ignore either serious study, prolonged reading, or devotional reflection on God’s Word.

And so, we made another long list, describing books on the large Biblical narrative, on understanding difficult texts, on hermeneutics.  Here are just a few of the book covers of titles we described.  Please visit the “reviews” column tab–or click here–which is were I generally post longer bibliographies or more thorough reviews that what I can post here at the BookNotes blog.  You can see Part 1 listed under “June” and Part 2 listed under “July.” It isn’t a comprehensive list, mind you, but we think it is diverse and interesting and fun.

Thanks for caring, about books, about reading, about words, and about the Word.  Enjoy.

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  1. Honestly speaking I can’t remember when was the last time I read a Bible and when did I last went to church to just simply say thank you and forgive me from all my sins God. It seems that i already forget the reason why I am here now and still breathing. So sad for me thanks for this article of yours. You did remind me! thank you so much and looking forward to spent time reading words of God.
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