Ancient Practice series just out in paperback. The sale continues…

We were delighted that our readers were so responsive to our half-off deal with the goodshowImage.aspx.jpg series in the Ancient Practices series that was edited by Phyllis Tickle.  I described each book and found myself again impressed and delighted about these.  We turned a number of friends away since it was a “while supplies last” offer and they didn’t last long.  We noted that the hardbacks were soon out of print and the paperbacks were to be released shortly.

The 8 books are now all here again, in slim paperbacks, and they each include a brief study guide for classes, book clubs, spiritual direction teams or for personal reflection.  You can click here or scroll on back to my description of the books where we showed the cover, cited impressive endorsements, and explained what each is about.  Please note (again) that the hardbacks I describe there are no longer available, that the 50% off deal–we were trying to get ride of the hardbacks quickly at a price below our cost—is now done.

We will sell these paperbacks a just a bit better than a 20% discount, making them each $10.00.  Ten buckos.  Easy to remember, eh?  However, if you get the whole set (which we do recommend, as they are all worthwhile) we’ll kick that up to a 30% discount.  No substitutions or switcheroos.  And no whining.  (I know you book lovers: you may have some in hardback and the paperbacks just won’t match your set perfectly. I sympathize.)

We are very happy to sell these for a variety of reasons; mostly because they are well-written books by good authors.  The publisher took a bit of a risk bringing together esteemed authors who are known within pretty different circles, and putting them together as the “best of the best” for a contemporary bit of rumination on these ecumenical practices.  We should support this kind of “crossover” reading, and Nelson is to be applauded (as is the ever interesting Ms Tickle.)  Several of these authors are best known in traditional evangelical circles while others are liturgical and celebrated in mainline or Catholic circles. 

finding-our-way-again-return-ancient-practices-brian-mclaren-cd-cover-art.jpgBrian McLaren, whose very good book Finding Our Way Again, kicks off the series, was an independent evangelical, became a leader of the emergent conversation, and seems now quite comfortable in mainline circles. (His forthcoming book on spirituality, by the way, is excellent so far; I’ve just started an advanced copy.  It will be called Naked Spirituality and released in a month or so.)  We love this series and the  blend of insight and good scholarship and deep and authentic spirituality, each true to their own voice, withing their own tradition, but aware that these practices have been used by all quarters of the church. (Indeed, these are all practices shared, in one way or another, by Christians, Jews, and Muslims.)  Besides the good ecumenicity, we like the historicity of this—they aren’t called “Ancient Practices” for no reason—and agree that knowing the insights of those who have gone before us is especially appealing in this 21st century era.   And each author tell stories, making these quite appealing to those who like memoir.  From the elegant Bob Benson telling about his ups and downs with fixed hour prayer to Nora Gallagher beautifully describing her experiences with Eucharist to Doug LeBlanc sharing stories of giving and grace, to the travails of life on pilgrimage with the feisty Charles Foster, these are tales of the journey, reports from the road. They are informative and inspirational, formational.   We are eager to promote them, glad they are inexpensive, and happy to offer a bit extra discount of these brand new paperback editions.

Here they are again.  You can read them in any order…

Finding Our Way Again  Brian McLaren
In Constant Prayer  Robert Benson
Sabbath                    Dan Allander
The Liturgical Year  Joan Chittister
The Sacred Meal     Nora Gallagher
Fasting                     Scott McKnight
Tithing                      Douglas LeBlanc                     
Sacred Journey       Charles Foster

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