I did a vlog, a real video podcast. Live from Hearts & Minds.

Our youngest daughter, a cyber-schooled senior, is soon on her way to China
for a 5 week intensive language course.  You can’t imagine how excited
we are all as she prepares to graduate this spring and head off to
Calvin College in Michigan.  She got her graduation present early: a new
camera.  To mess around with it, she recorded a spur-of the-moment summary of
our five part Rob Bell Love Wins BookNote blog series. 
She gussied it up with one of our favorite Sigur Rus songs, and here it
is.  Our first  video podcast.  When she gets back next month, maybe we’ll do
it again.

I can’t believe I didn’t introduce myself or say the name of our book
store.  And I skipped the important stuff about civility and being
ecumenical.  Or the benefits of reading widely.  Didn’t mention Plato.  I
didn’t cite the books from our review by Mouw or Walsh or McLaren, let alone John Piper or
Bell’s critics or the strengths of their arguments.  I gave a
shout out to the Nooma Trees.

I wish I would have said “creation-fall-redemption-restoration” but I
wasn’t thinking.  I should have included something about Bell’s very
orthodox and serious Christology.  I mentioned the restoring reign of
God over all things.  And that we have the book; I didn’t mention the previously listed BookNotes blog special discount. (What kind of businessman am I?)

May Jesus Christ be
praised, to the glory of the Father, in the power of the Spirit for the
sake of the world.

Thanks Marissa.  This is way cool for an old guy like me.

10 thoughts on “I did a vlog, a real video podcast. Live from Hearts & Minds.

  1. Good idea to add video to your work. Thanks to you daughter. Congratulations.

  2. Byron, thanks for the thoughtful review and vlog–really great. I plan to link it on PRC Facebook and my blog Congregation Matters.

  3. Really appreciate you and what youv’e been saying/ writing about this, Byron

  4. Hey Byron, thanks for your heart and passion. I’m really digging Rob’s book. It’s stretching my mind and confirming some thoughts that have been lingering in my mind for nearly 35 years. I so love you and Beth and Hearts & Minds!

  5. Hi Cuz!
    Just watched your vlog — very cool! I’ve been staying updated on this whole Rob Bell controversy and have to admit to still being conflicted over what I have heard and read. Saw his video about the book and am not sure I totally agree with his logic. I might be a bit too traditionally fundamentalist to embrace all the ideas he’s selling. But it’s provocative and I appreciate you taking the time to give us your take on the book. Can’t wait for your next vlog!

  6. Byron, I agree with others that it would be nice to see more video blogging (I still can’t bring myself to say vlog since it sounds like something that should be disease related). It’s good to hear your voice and in a sense see you – I’ve always appreciated your animated-ness when you talk about the books you are passionate about! – since I don’t know when I shall again since leaving student ministry! Thank you for your passion and everything you do.

  7. Thanks Byron! more videos please!!! Loved the book (not sure I agree with all of it, but loved it still) and appreciate your open-minded bub biblical approach to it and all things. Hearts and Minds rocks!!!

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