Epic list posted at the November monthly column

I know BookNotes reviews and lists sometimes get a bit wordy, but that is some of the fun, isn’t it?

My desultory theory goes that the BookNotes are usually somewhat shorter and the big whoppers are for the monthly columns.  Well, this month, this is true: I shared memories of the Redeemer Presbyterian Church’s Gospel & Culture conference, sponsored by the Center for Faith and Work and listed lots of great books. There are even other titles I could have page-voc2.jpg mentioned, others that should have been noted, and stories I could have told, like the poignant testimony of a woman whose fashion line business failed, but who has now been positioned by God to teach at Parsons, or the good conversation I had about asylum law with a doctor who has worked with women fleeing personal mutilation, or the inspiring stories of entrepeneurs stepping out, trusting God, doing something good for the world, or the gladness I felt when a professor of architecture complimented us on a particular book we had selected.  I was jazzed to describe books about Bible-based creation-care to a guy working on wind turbines.  And how cool it was that I got to show off L.L. Barkat’s book Rumors of Water: Thoughts on Creativity and Writing to aspiring writers, or that we sold Jeremy Begbie’s fantastic Resounding Truth: Christian Wisdom in the World of Music to several professional musicians.  Redeemer’s folks really were an amazing lot and we were thrilled to be there. 

A guy can only go on for so long, though.  I hope you understand when we say that this long list was given as a gift to God’s reading people, for those who have “ears to hear” or who are themselves already interested in spreading the news of the full gospel, Christ’s reign related to work and culture.  I suppose not everyone wants books on Christ’s Lordship over professional spheres, rethinking economics or wondering about how to subvert the status quo in fields that are dysfunctional, or ways we can work for the common good in typical workplaces.  I realize that not everyone is passionate about helping nurture conversations about ordinary folk serving God in ordinary jobs, careers and callings.  But we think it is life-giving, world-changing stuff, and are glad you care.  Thanks for following our reviews, for buying books, for spreading the word.

Please do visit the November Hearts & Minds monthly column if you have not, read through the many titles and my asides about them. I am sure there will be something there you need to know, something new or interesting that will help you, even today.  Don’t delay.  The discount for the time being on those titles listed is 30% off.  We need to “move some product” as we say in our industry and hope offering the deeper than usual discount will be a way to help you, our friends and fans, and help us get some much needed shelf space (and some much needed cash.)  It’s a good, big list on a whole lot of topics, offered at a great bargain. As I literally heard one New Yorker say, “What’s not to like?” 

You might even want to forward that column on to others — church librarians or fellowship group leaders or your pastor.  Put it on facebook and tweet away, friends; let’s keep this party going on.  Kudos, again, to everyone at Redeemer, new friends and old, that made our time there so very, very rewarding.  And thanks for reminding us that there is a hunger for the printed page, a desire for solid theology applied winsomely across the whole of culture.  Thanks be to God.


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generous-justice-timothy-keller-hardcover-cover-art.jpgAND CHECK THIS OUT — JUST WONDERFUL.
How about this wonderful video clip?  It very nicely expresses in just a few minutes much of what we think about why this topic is so important.  Do you see work as an opportunity to worship?  Does your congregation even talk about these things much? If you agree with most of this, what next?  What might you read, who might you partner with, how can you learn to think and live more faithfully in this large, strategic side of life?  Maybe a book group?   Let us know if we might help.  Remember our Books By Vocation bibliography.