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We have been really grateful for the many ways so many Hearts & Minds friends and fans have been supportive of our book displays and sales out on the road.  How many good friends we have, hither and yon.  Of course our store staff work hard here in D-town every day, but this fall has seen Beth and I out and about more than usual.  It seemed ages ago that we were in Chicago with the Christian Legal Society or selling books for David Kinnaman or Philip Jenkins or Miroslov Volf, or setting up at a Mennonite camp for our “small church” gathering.  Just the other day we had a provocative few days with Diana Butler Bass and our Episcopal clergy friends from the Diocese of Pennsylvania.  They, and our hosts at a Franciscan retreat center, were so nice to us, bought a lot of  books, served chilled wine as Episcopalians will, while we engaged in serious conversations about the future of faith in these changing times.  Diana has a book coming out in February 2012 which will be called Christianity After Religion (HarperOne; $25.99) and as a historian she has a lot to offer as she looks for a new spiritual awakening breaking in among us. (She did her own academic work, by the way, under the esteemed historian, George Marsden.)  Let us know if you want to pre-order it at our typical BookNotes 20% off.  You’ll be hearing more about it this Winter, I’m sure.

One of the most stimulating and striking experiences of our fall season, though, was the opportunity to sell books at “The Gospel and Culture” conference sponsored by Redeemer Presbyterian Center for Faith and Work, which explored how ordinary folks can relate their faith to their daily callings, professions and jobs.  We sold books like Work Matters: Connecting Sunday Worship to Monday Work by Tom Nelson (Crossway; $15.99) and was pleasantly inspired by Richard Mouw as he reminded us of a “map of the universe” that has Christ enthroned as King.  I did a BookNotes rumination about that conference, here.  You can watch Mouw’s opening keynote, here.  Thanks be to God for churches like Redeemer who care enough about the role of the laity that they have found ways to expertly equip folks to think seriously about faith in the marketplace.

Of course, since the Reverend Timothy Keller was speaking at this event, we took tons of his books.  And—duh—since most of the participants at this event were active at Redeemer week by week, they most likely had his books.  Which is to say, it is sale time again, friends.  We’d rather sell these extra copies that we have here inexpensively, now.  We need the cash, you need the savings—it’s a good deal for one and all. 

I suspect you know that even as we enjoy selling all manner of books in all manner of settings, this is an author and perspective that we indubitably identify with.  Keller is intelligent and reasonable, altogether orthodox, and deeply concerned about proclaiming ancient truths in fresh ways, for the sake of the glory of God and benefit of neighbor.  His people’s work across the city of New York–in the business world, the fashion industry, on Wall Street, in the social service sector, in the art scene and the worlds of medicine, law, politics, education, and such—bears great fruit, making that city a bit more livable, and God a bit more known.  We are glad to sell this wise and effective pastor’s books and to earnestly commend them to you. 


reason for god ipage.gifReason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism  (Riverhead) regularly $16.00 sale price $11.89  This landmark book was released a few years ago on a prestigious publisher, now a handsome paperback, smart, intelligent, an argument for the cogency of faith. Invites skeptics to “doubt their doubts” to see if the criticisms of faith hold up—some compare him to the significance of the lucid C.S. Lewis.  Excellent reviews from the likes of The Library Journal and The Washington Post. Designed for seekers, skeptics, or those needing a rational basis for the reasonableness of faith.   

prodigal god ipage.gifThe Prodigal God: Recovering the Heart of the Christian Faith  (Dutton) regularly $14.00 sale price $9.80 This slim paperback is one of the finest expositions of the famous parable I’ve ever read.  You should know that (following Ken Bailey’s serious work) Keller insists that the parable (which was told to the Pharisees, obviously) is mostly, therefore, about the older brother.  That it, it is most useful for those who are nominal church folk thinking they are fine because they’ve kept the rules and seem religious, a disposition itself that may indicate that they do not yet know the gospel.  God is the One who offers extravagant grace, and knowing our deep need is the first step towards authentic faith.  Wonderful.  I bet you know somebody to whom you could give it!

counterfeit gods ipage.gifCounterfeit Gods: The Empty Promises of Money, Sex, and Power, and the Only Hope That Matters (Dutton) $15.00 sale price $10.50  This is doubtlessly the best book I’ve ever read on this trilogy of idols, an excellent introduction to a chief topic of the BIble: idolatry.  I cannot imagine anyone who wouldn’t benefit from a good study like this, and nearly every modern person reading this post is enmeshed in the distortions of good things in our broken culture.  Very, very highly recommended.  Just out in paperback, making this a real bargain!  We have some of the hardbacks on sale, too, if you want those at the 30% off price.

generous justice ipage.gifGenerous Justice: How God’s Grace Makes Us Just  (Dutton) regularly $19.95 sale price $13.95  I’ve said before this is one of our favorite books among the many recent resources on social justice and why Biblical faith demands a concern for the poor, social change, and institutional reform.  Helpfully, Keller grounds the call for justice in the very justice of God, and links the gracious redemption offered through Christ with our work for social transformation.  This shows how the deepest truths of orthodox faith are also the most relevant and radical.  Three cheers for this kind of balanced, passionate, clear, Biblical view that affirms evangelical faith and social changed, piety and politics, justification and justice.  Please know how much I respect this book and how I hope many buy and read it. 

kings cross ipage.gifKing’s Cross: The Story of the World in the Life of Jesus  (Dutton) regularly $25.95 sale price $18.00  As with the other Keller books, we reviewed this at BookNotes when it first came out (earlier this year) and raved.  As the subtitle suggests, Keller implies that the deepest story of the whole world, and the deepest truths of the universe, are found in the incarnation and life and death and resurrection of this Rabbi Jesus. This is, actually, a clear-headed study of the gospel according to Mark, in Keller’s own urbane and thoughtful style.  Lovely stuff, serious, helpful.  Mark is the gospel for this just starting Revised Common Lectionary year B, so this is a great resource.

Keller has two other books that we happily carry, but which aren’t included in this deep discounted inventory clearance sale.  We could offer them at 20% off, though, as we usually do here at BookNotes.  While we’re talking about his good products, those two are his first book ever, written when he was doing urban ministry in Philadelphia,  Ministries of Mercy (P&R; $13.99) and his brand new one, The Meaning of Marriage (Dutton; $25.95.)  We also stock his excellent DVD curriculum pieces, The Prodigal God, The Gospel of Life, and Reason for God, each which sell for $24.95, or, for $31.99 shrink-wrapped with a useful participants guide.  I cannot tell you how classy these are and how ideal they are for thoughtful home study groups, serious adult ed classes, college groups and personal viewing.  Having been with him again this fall, we are renewed in our commitments to offer his resources.  We trust our friends and fans will appreciate it and use them well.     

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