BOGO Scot McKnight books on sale—buy one, get one free.

Granted, there was a lot of hoopla here after Jubilee.  I hope you read my long reports, and my enthusiastic testimony about the CCOs good practices, coming along side young adults wanting to relate faith and career, spirituality and service, the reign of God within the empires of this world, and how they use good books to equip people to think wisely about this audacious mission — the books listed are on sale, there, and those take-away points are good to ponder.  Post some feedback at the website if you care to comment; thanks to those who wrote me or forwarded the post-Jubilee round-up.

And then we were excited about our author appearance here and the subsequent sale on Margot Starbuck books.  (And, after that, a gruesome bout of the flu about which I should say very little; you don’t want to know.)

So with all that, I never got around to telling you about another author we had the great privilege of serving.  Our friend Tom Grosh works for IVCF doing ministry with grad studentsscott mcknight.jpg, faculty, and others seeking a more intellectual approach to faith here in Central PA (including, for instance, in his work with the Emerging Scholars Network.)  Well, while we were at Jubilee, he brought in the extraordinary thinker and exceptionally popular author Scot McKnight.  Yes, that is one-t-Scot.  He is indeed a prominent Bible scholar who has done both very technical academic work but he is also a passionate communicator (and tireless blogger), wanting to bring his insight to God’s ordinary people.  He is, if I may say so, our kind of guy, and it was a shame we didn’t get to meet him, since we were away.  Grosh did the book selling duties, and we count it a great gladness to have such friends who support our efforts and help us help folks by making books available.

When somebody as prestigious as McKnight is around, one doesn’t want to run out of books.  I’m just being honest. I ordered way too many.  By all accounts he was fantastic, the programs went well, and participants went away informed and enlightened and impressed.  Except I guess they wondered why the bookseller overdid it.

My misestimate is your gain.  We’re selling these books now below costs and are happy to do so.  Beats sending them back, and you can consider it a benefit of being a BookNotes reader.

The following McKnight books are all being sold at what astute shoppers call BOGO. Buy one, get one free.  In this case, you choose the two you want and the less expensive one is free.  If you select four, two of them are absolutely free.  Buy One Get One, or Buy Two Get Two.  BUY THREE GET THREE. Got it?   OFFER GOOD UNTIL MARCH 14th.

fasting mck.gifThe Ancient Practices Series: Fasting (Nelson) $12.99  This is the time of the church year to try out this practice if it isn’t a common part of your quiet experiences before the Lord.  You hopefully recall how I’ve raved about the seven books in this great series (on practices such as keeping sabbath, generous tithing, the sacred meal, the liturgical calendar, fixed hour prayer, going on pilgrimage, and such.) With a great foreword by Phyllis Tickle (the general editor of the series) and blurbs from the likes of Ruth Haley Barton, this book is solid, helpful, interesting, Biblical, calm and profoundly in touch with that for which we most yearn.”  Highly recommended.

king jesus.gifKing Jesus Gospel: The Original Good News Revisited  (Zondervan) $19.99  With a foreword by N.T. Wright and another by Dallas Willard you may get the idea that this hardback is about the fuller understanding of the Kingdom of God and how we can be formed in the ways of Jesus.  This is the best simple clear overview of this central gospel theme that we know of.  Wright notes “The revolution Scot is proposing is massive and we all urgently need to allow this deeply biblical vision of the gospel to challenge the less-than-completely biblical visions we have cherished for too long.”  Right on!  Pro Rege!

j creed.gifThe Jesus Creed: Loving God, Loving Others  (Paraclete Press) $16.99  In over 300 pages, (although in a nice type font) McKnight explores and drives home this central re-telling of the shema, Jesus’ call to love God by loving others.  Sounds simple, eh? Well, the power of religiosity hasn’t been dismantled yet, and this profoundly Jewish creed could transform our lives, if we saw it as a new rule of life.  Fabulous.  A foreword by John Ortberg reminds us how very usable this is, how our lives will be enhanced if you learn from Scot the ways of Jesus.  (There is, by the way, but not on sale, a devotional guide, using this book for 40 days, and a teen version.)

praying with the church mck.gifPraying with the Church: Following Jesus Daily, Hourly, Today  Foreword by Phyllis Tickle (Paraclete Press) $15.95  A few years ago Phyllis Tickle helped launch a renewed interest in the monastic practice of “fixed hour” prayers, or “praying the hours” when she published her important three-volume prayer book.  When a Baptist scholar like McKnight writes about this use of such prayers, and does so so eloquently and helpfully, you know somethings going on.  Paraclete does very nice books, and although this may be lesser known than some of his others, it is surely one of his enduring classics.  Funny, some of us who do not follow this practice of doing the hours, still are deeply blessed by reading about the custom, and how it enriches those who do.

embracing grace.gifEmbracing Grace: A Gospel for All of Us  (Paraclete Press) $16.95  I love this endorsement by Ross Wagner, a New Testament prof at Princeton Theological Seminary: “With grace, humility, and wit, Scot McKnight offers a compelling vision of the breath-taking scope of the gospel — that in Jesus Christ, God is at work restoring broken people to full humanity in loving community with God, and with one another, for the salvation of all creation. This is a message to be pondered, savored, embraced, and embodied.”  Grace is more than “punishment avoidance” and if we recipients of God’s grace, we should be people who live graciously; as he puts it, we aren’t just saved by grace, but we can “live transformed by

blue para.gifThe Blue Parakeet: Rethinking How You Read the Bible  (Zondervan) $14.99  I promise you this: you will find something in this book that will ping you, something you’ll love, something you’ll want to reconsider, something that will make you chuckle, and most likely something that will annoy the daylights out of you.  He is honest before the problems of weird texts, he is honest about how we sometimes get bored reading the same old passages, and he is honest that neither liberals nor conservatives do the interpretation thing very well.  He shows us the big story and he uses upbeat and helpful illustrations.  If I were teaching a class on Bible interpretation, this would be one of the many books I’d make mandatory reading.

comm called a.gifA Community Called Atonement  (Abingdon) $18.00  Tony Jones is a writer, about spiritual disciplines and the history and ethos of the emergent movement.  On behalf of Emergent Village he edited a book series called “Living Theology” and they are all excellent.  This was the first, a survey—and I don’t mean a dry survey, but a truly vibrant overview—of the standard theories of the atonement, and how we need to honor the differing emphases and the diverse faith communities that seem most drawn to each.  That is, we must be honest before the Biblical texts, respect the diversity of theological insights down through the ages, and learn to do “living theology” in our communities.  An excellent book about theology, about the cross, and about the role of dogma within faith traditions and the church at large.  Hans Boersma (J.I. Packer Professor at Regent College) says it is “gutsy, orthodox, creative…”  Might I suggest it suitable as we draw near to Holy Week?

one-life.jpgOne.Life  Jesus Calls, We Follow  (Zondervan) $14.99  You know, we’ve pitched this book to ya before—I celebrated the slick design of the cover, I named it a book of the year, and we showed it as a Jubilee special, this multi-faceted, rich recovery of the notions of discipleship, vocation, calling, Kingdom vision and missional service.  Gabe Lyons of the Q Ideas wrote the forward, using the passionate rhetoric he and his generation are known for.  This book doesn’t answer all your questions, he says, but he promises that you will see the Jesus life more clearer. This is a really useful book, a great resource, and masterful guide to living in the Kingdom that is now and not yet.  As Margaret Feinberg writes on the back, Each of us is only given one life, and after reading this book, you’ll desire to live it with abandon to God.”

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2 thoughts on “BOGO Scot McKnight books on sale—buy one, get one free.

  1. Dear Byron,
    Thank-you for supplying books! Please forgive me for not being a better event book seller.
    Next spring, I’ll try my best not to conflict w/Jubilee. I’d like to be there w/you and have you w/us . . .
    With regard to the fall, we’ve just confirmed Kent Annan, co-founder/director of Haiti Partners and IVP author, will be coming back (10/21 – 10/23, maybe add a day either end). In addition to speaking for the Emerging Scholars Network/Christian Scholar Series at Elizabethtown Brethren in Christ Church, the visit will include a pre-Urbana Student Missions Conference area event. Maybe we could also do something out in your neck of the woods. Kent really wanted to visit you and Hearts & Minds when he was here in February. Let’s chat about some possibilities.
    So this news is hot off the press and your blog is the first place the information can be found on-line 🙂 Great to partner w/you in the work of the Gospel. To God be the glory!
    In Christ Alone, Tom
    PS. Scot’s 2/19 Sermon on “The King Jesus Gospel: The Original Good News Revisited” is available at no cost on-line at 🙂

  2. I love Scot McKnight’s books! Of course I am partial toward Embracing Grace and A Community Called Atonement, books that I had personal investment in. But one of my new all-time favorites is One.Life – a great guide for all aspects of living the life of following Jesus.

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