The Message, compact edition, faux leather-bound, only $10. And two other great Bible bargains: paperback Message Remix and the new NLT The Way..

It’s funny how I often want to frame things by our overarching perspective, telling the story of what we are about and,store front pic.jpg hopefully, why you care.  We are a bit of a niche type store, I know (here I go again) and feel like we can use our bookselling as an opportunity not just to sell stuff (especially stuff that is already widely available at WalMart) but to educate thoughtful Christian readers, and others who might be interested, in how a winsome Christian worldview might engage the culture in which we find ourselves with creativity and fidelity.  We write about, and try to sell, exceptional books, books which are often about the issues of the day or mature theology applied, living out faith in every aspect of life.

And so, in order to tell about some very cool Bibles we recently got in, and the incredible prices we are offering on them—basic info any salesman would want to share, not complicated at all, really—I started to write a big ‘ol essay on Bible translations, starting to make the case for using a variety of editions, the strengths and weaknesses of some them, and how to select a good study Bible, even.  Pages and pages in, I realized I was in over my head, set it aside for a bit (pledging to work on it more, posting it perhaps as a monthly column) and decided I’d just do my job quickly tonight.  Skip the big story or the teachable moment.  Here’s three great deals on three new Bibles.

We have two editions of Eugene Peterson’s fascinating and respected paraphrase of the Bible, The Message, on sale. First a new paperback, marked down, then a great sale item.   

Then we have another Bible surprise. 

You know our story: as followers of Jesus we simply have to increase our Biblical literacy, and we are happy to promote any number of different sort of Bible resources to help.  Here, we are celebrating The Message and a thoughtful new edition of a groovy classic.  On sale.  Here ya go.


The Message Remix wooden.jpgThe Message// Remix edition  (NavPress) paperback  $19.99 NOW ONLY $15.00  This is the first time there has been a paperback of the best-selling “Remix” edition.  The Remix is, frankly, pretty much the same as the big standard editions of The Message but has a hip graphic format of the verses (01Kings, for instance, with modern-design large font numbers notable on each page) and an only slightly abbreviated version of each of Peterson’s excellent introductions to each book of the Bible.  It is in a chunky, handy size. Usually, when a customer wants to try The Message—as you all should, as it is so, so interesting, upbeat, plainspoken and fresh—he or she wants to start with the least expensive edition, which are the two Remix editions.  There are beautiful leather ones of the regular version, full size and compact, and we stock each and every edition that is published (including one that is a real bargain, a parallel edition that has the NIV and The Message side by side.)  But the only Remix editions that have previously been available have been the hardbacks—one with a tan, wooden look, and one with a gray, cement look.  These were the least expensive versions of The Message you could get making them our most popular ones.  Until now.

So, now—ta-daaaa—this new paperback Remix is the least expensive one you will be able to get.  A swell, handy 5 x 7 size (of the “wooden” look cover.)  We are very, very excited. and if you want to try The Message, this is a great way to start.  The regular price is the least expensive, as I’ve said, but with our sale price, it is the best buy you’re going to find.

  SALE PRICE $10.00
message remix tan in box.gifThe Message//Remix edition compact sized, imitation-leather (NavPress) regularly $29.99  NOW ONLY $10.00  While supplies last.

This is a really, really handsome, small-size (4 x 6) Remix edition which is fantastic to carry, nice to the touch.  The print is quite small, of course, as with any compact edition.

It comes in this cool-looking slipcover, and is a smooth, rich, tan faux leather (although it sure feels like the real thing.)  Has a ribbon marker.  Love it.  For ten bucks, it is about the best Bible deal we’ve seen in a long time.  Get a few to give as gifts.

We have a limited supply of these. We no longer have any of these in stock.  Sorry.  We can offer them at 20% off.

the way.pngThe Way  New Living Translation (Tyndale) paperback regular $24.95
NOW ONLY $15.00  If you are not old enough to recall, maybe you’ve seen ’em lying dog-eared in old Sunday school classes, at musty retreat centers or on the thrift shop dollar table.  I’m talking about the legendary, really groovy, The Way, which was a 1970s paperback paraphrase of the Bible called The Living Bible, laden with hip Biblical pull quotes about love and peace and meaning and joy, very artsy black & white photos of girls with long blond hair or blooming Afros, all decked out with love beads and “one way” signs. This was revolutionary at the time, making this easy-to-read paraphrase a great tool to hand out to jaded hippies and more typical youth who were tired of their grandma’s KJV or their parent’s RSV.  This was way out, man, and we loved it.  Most of us soon tired of the lame paraphrase that was The Living Bible and the pictures eventually appeared dated.  But it was a huge gift in those years and many of us cherish the memories of our youthful forays into the Bible, being read for real, with honest reflection pieces, offered in a package that was relevant and inviting. 

In that same spirit, the same publisher has done a Way 2.0, so to speak.  It is in thethe way bible.jpg excellent, contemporary translation (The fairly recent New Living Translation, or NLT, not to be confused with the old LB paraphrase) and has an all new sleek design, pretty darn hip. The audience and appeal is the same: youth and young adults who appreciate good quotes, honest ruminations, great gallery-quality photos, well-cropped in b/w awesomeness, all in a design that is artful, but not aloof or overly formal.  This is a Bible to give away to
teens or young adults who want a hot-looking paperback in a reliable, fresh translation of the Greek and Hebrew.  (Little known fact: our friend, Bible scholar and worldview guru Al Wolters led the exceptional team that did Job in the NLT. Go here if you want more information on the NLT.)

This stylish packaging vibe really is a great idea, and we’re happy to suggest it to you. 

The Way Genesis.jpgSome well known writers for youth ministry curriculum worked on the sidebars, but since it is good for any 20-something, many other good folks contributed–writers like Scot McKnight, Phyllis Tickle, music producer Charlie Peacock, human rights activist from IJM, Gary Haugen, Orthodox theologian Frederica Mathewes-Green, Presbyterian John Franke, Emma Sleeth, Richard Stearns, Soong-Chan Rah, just to name a few.  There are over 400 different features, including devotionals, meditations and personal stories offered as resources within The Way to help readers follow in the way of Jesus.  Go here for a list of some of the contributors and a listing of the thoughtful features.  Hats off to Mark Oestreicher who headed up the team, the largest publishing project he ever did (as he says in his blog post about it, here.)  We are pretty excited about this, and with our limited time sale offer, it might be a good think to consider.

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