MORE 2012 ADVENT RESOURCES — on sale, 30% off

I hope you enjoyed the links we offered last time, giving you a chance to review some previous1_advent.jpg Advent and Christmas devotional suggestions. Some of the books from other years are fabulous.

And then we listed some great new ones, on sale now (while supplies last, at least) for Advent of 2012.  

I also wanted to tell you about these, good for those looking for some inter-generational curriculum, DVDs or devotional resources that would work really well in classes, groups, home studies and the like.  Besides the ones we listed a few days ago, consider these spiffy sets, offered at an extra deep discounted price, while supplies last.

Tjourney-walking-road-bethlehem-adam-hamilton-hardcover-cover-art.jpghe Journey: Walking the Road to Bethlehem  Adam Hamilton (Abingdon)  Hamilton is a really popular author, and for good reason.  He is a great communicator, a popularizer, a respected United Methodist pastor who is appreciated by those in progressive denominations and by those who are more evangelical.  He doesn’t offer easy answers, but his teaching is exciting and inspiring — nothing too mystical or obscure or controversial.  He doesn’t shy away from big questions and the social and political implications of the gospel, but he doesn’t major on that.  His work is balanced and faithful, I think.  In this book and/or DVD, we travel with Hamilton from Nazareth to Bethlehem with live footage from the Holy Land.  He uses historical information, archeological findings, and adds his own personal reflections from his many years in a growing, diverse parish.  In many ways, this is a prequel to his very popular 24 Hours That Changed the World (to be used during Lent and up to Easter and the soon to be released The Walk, which will be on discipleship, following the life of Jesus.)  John Ortberg writes that The Journey “may be the greatest Christmas present of the year.  Adam thoughtfully, movingly, walks us through what really happened when God touched this planet. The richness of the full story will touch your life as well.”

Watch a small bit of it, here.

Here are the various options. Regular prices are shown; we deduct 30% off.

The Journey  hardback book (5 chapters)                    $17.99
The Journey DVD (5 sessions + bonus session)          $39.99
The Journey: Season of Reflections  (28 readings)   $9.99
The Journey Youth Edition  (5 sessions)                     $8.99
The Journey Children’s Edition (5 sessions)              $16.99

A1a different kind.jpg Different King of Christmas: Living and Giving Like Jesus  Mike Slaughter (Abingdon)  Slaughter is also a very popular United Methodist pastor, perhaps a bit more youthful and edgy than Hamilton.  His church (Ginghamsburg UMC in Ohio) is known for its creative worship, its contemporary vibe, and its big commitments to social justice and global mission.  As have many “seeker” churches of the previous decade, this faith community has matured a lot over the years and is doing extraordinary, wholistic Kingdom work.  In a region hard hit by the bad economy, Slaughter is both sensitive to and honest about our lifestyles.  In this — not too different in perspective from the great Advent Conspiracy project — he has five short chapters (Alan Hirsch called them “punchy”)  on cutting through the hype of the holidays that leave us exhausted and broke at the end of the year.  This is radical, missional stuff, and we are pleased it is packaged and communicated in such an accessible style. 

Here is a brief into by Mike Slaughter.


Here’s the whole kit and caboodleRegular prices are shown; we will deduct 30% off.

Christmas Is Not Your Birthday  paperback book (5 chapters)                     $11.99
A Different Kind of Christmas DVD (5 sessions, with leaders guide.)           $39.99
A Different Kind of Christmas: Devotions for the Season (30 readings)     $7.99
A Different Kind of Christmas Youth Edition (5 sessions)                            $8.99
A Different Kind of Christmas Children’s Edition (5 sessions)                     $16.99

Aadvent preparing the way.jpgdvent 2012 Preparing the Way  Susan Mink & Nan Duerling (Abingdon) regularly priced at $8.99  Each year this publisher releases a small group Scripture study book, complete with a leaders guide in the back, based on the Revised Common Lectionary texts.   It has five sessions which bring together each week i the proper Old Testament readings, and the gospels.  In Year C, of course, the gospels offering in the lectionary are from Luke.




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