I don’t usually just swipe other blogs for our BookNotes
reviews, but, as they say,tom in our back yard.jpg there’s a first time for everything.  I found
these descriptions of these brand new editions of older Tom Wright books in an Eerdmans Publishing blog to be very helpful. And so, he says a bit sheepishly…

And, hey, the new cover designs themselves deserve some celebration!  They are quite striking.  So, I borrowed heavily from the
Eerdmans blog — EerdWord, it’s called — which describes seven older Wright books,
each freshly adorned with all new covers.

                                                                                                                                                                                           Tom Wright speaking in our backyard, Spring 2013.

We ourselves have had
a long relationship with Wm. B. Eerdmans Co. The first “sales rep” I ever
worked with, I’m eerdmans.jpgsure, was an Eerdmans one, who helped us learn a bit about the book biz. And they’ve published some of our perennial best sellers — When the Kings Come Marching In by Rich Mouw, Creation Regained by Al Wolters, and authors such as Marva Dawn, Eugene Peterson, Ken Bailey, Nicholas Woltersdorff, and so many more.

And, yes, early N.T. Wright, whose early paperbacks thrilled us, back before he was so internationally acclaimed.

So, we’re happy to share
the news of these redesigned and reissued affordable paperbacks. I hope you like uniform
covers and sets of books like this as much as I do.  I think these are
very handsome, and we’re glad for the time and care that Eerdmans put
into this project.

A few of these books with new covers are
now actually back in print after having been unavailable for a while.
 Three big cheers for that!

However, please see the note at the end: we
have some of the older editions which we have to clear out to make room for the new ones.  We have these with the original Eerdmans cover designs at a really good
discount, while supplies last.  More on that, below.

But first, here, with permission, a bit from a recent Eerd-word blog.

He’s a brilliant scholar. A respected church leader. A best-selling author.

N. T. Wright is . . . well, according to Christianity Today’s April cover story (“Surprised by N.T. Wright”):

People who are asked to write
about N. T. Wright may find they quickly run out of superlatives. He is
the most prolific biblical scholar in a generation. Some say he is the
most important apologist for the Christian faith since C. S. Lewis. He
has written the most extensive series of popular commentaries on the New
Testament since William Barclay. And, in case three careers sound like
too few, he is also a church leader, having served as Bishop of Durham,
England, before his current teaching post at the University of St.
Andrews in Scotland.

But perhaps the most significant
praise of all: When Wright speaks, preaches, or writes, folks say they
see Jesus, and lives are transformed.

at Eerdmans have enjoyed our long friendship with Wright — and a
fruitful publishing partnership that, back in the 1990s, resulted in a
number of excellent books.

A few of those books are still
easy to find today. Others, though, have followed the natural life cycle
of print publications, moving gradually into our print on demand program or even — gasp! — going out of print entirely.

But not anymore. 

This summer, Eerdmans will be releasing fresh new editions of seven modern-day classics by N. T. Wright.

And so, EerdWord first
announced these new covers. (Actually, I was privy to them previously as I even got to
have a bit of input on some earlier suggested drafts.) These are, I
think, very cool.


We just got these in last week and have them at a BookNotes 20% off discount. Just
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But, first, back to Eerdmans helpful descriptions.  My own brief comments are in italics.

Ffollowing jesus n.jpgollowing Jesus: Biblical Reflections on Discipleship (Eerdmans) $14.00 our price = $11.20

first outlines the essential messages of six major New Testament books —
Hebrews, Colossians, Matthew, John, Mark, and Revelation — looking in
particular at their portrayal of Jesus and what he accom
plished in his
sacrificial death. In the second part of the book Wright tak
es six key
New Testament themes — resurrection, rebirth, temptation, hell, heaven,
and new life in a new world — and considers their significance for the
lives of present-day disciples.

 I often tell people who do not want one of his thick, scholarly works that this is one of the best books with which to be
introduced to Wright’s good Bible study. This is fantastic, about Jesus, about other New Testament writers, and about the call to contemporary whole-life discipleship. I very
highly recommend it.

Wwho was jesus n.jpgho Was Jesus? (Eerdmans) $14.00 our price = $11.20

Written from the standpoint of professional biblical scholarship yet assuming no prior knowledge of the subject, Who Was Jesus? shows convincingly that much can be gained from a rigorous historical assessment of what the Gospels say about Jesus.

This is very good
for anyone studying the authors who contribute to the “quest for the
historical Jesus and who question the reliability of the gospel

Tcrown and the fire.jpghe Crown and the Fire: Meditations on the Cross and the Life of the Spirit (Eerdmans) $14.00 our price = $11.20

long-popular book contains thirteen powerful meditations and sermons
challenging readers to reassess their own responses to Jesus’ death, his
resurrection, and the continuing influence of his Spirit on those who
follow him today

You most likely haven’t seen this, so it is a must
for any NT Wright fan.  I think it is very strong. He hasn’t written that much on the Holy Spirit,
so this is very, very important for his oeuvre.

Tlord and his prayer n.jpghe Lord and His Prayer (Eerdmans) $11.00
our price = $8.80

In a
series of pastoral reflections, N. T. Wright explores how the Lord’s
Prayer sums up Jesus’ own agenda within his first-century setting.  
the Lord’s Prayer clause by clause, Wright locates this prayer within
the historical life and work of Jesus and allows the prayer’s devotional
application to grow out of its historical context. He demonstrates how
grasping the Lord’s Prayer in its original setting can be the starting
point for a fresh understanding of Christian spirituality and the life
of prayer.

Yes! Amen! Loaded with Kingdom vision, this makes a great study for a prayer group or any small group.

Ffor all god's worth n.jpgor All God’s Worth: True Worship and the Calling of the Church (Eerdmans)  $14.00 our price = $11.20

This insightful book by N. T. Wright explores both the meaning and the results of worship. Based firmly on sensitive and creative readings of the biblical text, For All God’s Worth is an inspiring call for renewal in the worship and witness of today’s church.

this is one of my all time favorites, reflecting well on traditional
(corporate) worship as well as the worship we offer, twenty-four/seven, even in our
jobs and vocations. An early call to relate Sunday and Monday, worship
and work. I highly recommend it.

Wwhat saint paul really said nn.jpghat Saint Paul Really Said: Was Paul of Tarsus the Real Founder of Christianity (Eerdmans) $18.00
our price = $14.40

leads readers through current scholarly discussions of Paul and gives a
concise account of the actual contribution Paul made to the birth of
Christianity. Wright offers a critique of the argument that claims that
it was Paul who founded Christianity and shows clearly that Paul was not
“the founder of Christianity” but was the faithful witness and herald
of Jesus of Nazareth, the Jewish Messiah and the risen Lord of the
Christian faith.

Wright has written a lot lately about Paul, much of
it deep and the books expensive. Buy this one, for sure, to get the major themes
of his recent thinking, and how he compares to other critical scholars.  Very impressive.

Tway of the lord.jpghe Way of the Lord: Christian Pilgrimage Today (Eerdmans) $14.00  our price = $11.20

this inspirational and informative guidebook for Christian
pilgrims, Wright explores all the sites that travelers usually visit on a
tour of the Holy Land, explaining not only what is to be seen but also
the context of faith that makes these sites, and the events associated
with them, famous around the world. By weaving together Old and New
Testament stories, poetry, and original insights, Wright helps readers
enter imaginatively into each scene. He also sprinkles his narratives
with reflections on the nature of pilgrimage generally and with
discussion of vital contemporary issues related to the Holy Land.  This
is another that is not well known, under-appreciated, and about which
we can rejoice that it is now once again available.  Yes, it is about
places, a theology of pilgrimage. Brilliant and inspirational!

We do hope you like these new covers — I happen to like the use of modern
art, suggesting something classy, but yet contemporary, enduring like
good art, but a little edgy.  And thank goodness that we have such
readable books from such a scholar.  We’re very glad to announce them. 
Don’t forget, these handsome new editions are all 20% off.

HALF OFF ORIGINAL COVERS while supplies last.for all god's worth old.jpg

And now, the sale on the older covers. We have a limited supply of a few which we are sellingwhat st paul old.jpg for BETTER THAN HALF PRICE.  What Saint Paul Really Said usually sells for $17 and we have ’em at just $8.  For All God’s Worth used to sell for $13 and we have ’em for just $6. Who Was Jesus, The Lord and His Prayer and The Way of the Lord are also, while supplies last, just $6. Nice, eh?

Here is what would be helpful: if you are ordering the older editions, please note that.  And then you should tell us, if we are out of the older editions, if you are willing to take the new ones.  If you only want them if they are super cheap, let us know that, please, so we can honor your intentions and send just the right ones.   


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