A Last Minute DIY Option: Our Make Your Own Gift Certificate Deal

It has been a busy week or two for all of us, I’m sure.  Here at the bookstore, we’re waiting on and chatting with friends and neighbors, folks we love and new customers, too. There are books to hand-sell, inquiries to track down, conversations to have, joyful and hard. In the last days we’ve had quite a handful of out of town guests in the shop, and we are so grateful for those who swing by our central Pennsylvania town, reconnecting, or putting a face with a mail order, on-line friend.  We hope you like meeting our staff and checking out our heavily stocked shelves here in Dallastown.

At BookNotes, we’ve done some energetic writing, too.  Of course, yesterday I made a case for continuing your gift giving festivities throughout the 12 Days of Christmas, and told you about some nifty kids books, some of which I bet you had never seen before.
CS Lewis Reluctant Disciple DVD.jpg
Before that, I hope you saw our review of a beautiful and informative new DVD series about C.S. Lewis, narrated nicely by Os Guinness. It is called C.S. Lewis: Reluctant Disciple — Faith, Reason, and the Power of the Gospel.  As I described, it is really, really nice.
god in sink.jpg
I really hope you didn’t miss one of the most anticipated releases of the year (at least for some in our circles), God in the Sink: Essays from Toad Hall by Margie Haack, published by the lovely literary imprint, Kalos Press.  As I explained, Margie and her husband Denis have had a ministry for decades (helping others engage culture, learn the art of wise discernment, and winsomely present the gospel in socially-relevant ways) mostly out of their Minnesota home which their children dubbed Toad Hall. Margie has published her “Notes from Toad Hall” for years, and this is an anthology of some of her best writing. I enjoyed telling you about it, here.
Seerveld books screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 20.42.30.png
Not only do I do BookNotes reviews, but sometimes I place my articles at the part of our website marked “columns” which means they are longer, even epic sometimes. Just the other night I posted a larger column there, an complex essay I had been working on for months, a description of an important set of books (6 volumes!) by Calvin Seerveld. I called it “the publishing event of the year.” Find out why, here.
Even while doing some BookNotes lists of good Advent books, and some gifty-type, wondrously done, artful works, or top brand new releases, I compiled a set of links of several lists I’ve made in recent years about racial reconciliation, multi-ethnic ministry, diversity and the like. Obviously, there is a lot being said about these concerns this month, and I thought some wise books on the subject would be useful. You can see at least  some of my recommendations on race matters, here.

new heavens and new earth.jpg
And, oh my, I did a long review of Richard Middleton’s new book A New Heaven and a New Earth which I think is very, very important. I’m excited he will be on the main-stage of our Jubilee conference out in Pittsburgh this February.  See my review, here.
All of these are archived at our website, and you can scroll back to see these vital reviews, or the ones that are lists of key titles, new releases, or books we just had to tell you about, even if briefly.  Many of the titles on those random lists are truly great, and we have been pleased to be able to describe so many new books this past few months.  Go back farther, and you’ll see even more great titles on display by some very good authors.

Perhaps you could forward some of these reviews or lists to somebody you know; invite them into a reading group, or a book of the month club for the new year, or at least invite them to sign up to receive BookNotes. It’s free, and keeps you up on important new releases for the heart and for the mind.

Yeah, you saw what I did there.

And, of course, there is our annual invitation to quickly make your own gift card.  If you want to highlight any of these titles for your loved ones, print out pages from our website, or just give a plain old open-ended gift certificate, we’re more than happy to honor whatever you can cook up.

It’s simple, really; and fun.  Let’s do this.

Last, last minute, lots of fun, DIY Gift Certicate. You make it, you give it. Simple.

Abook wrapped in brown.jpgs
do most real stores, we enjoy selling and sending out gift
certificates.  You may call them “gift cards” but ours aren’t plastic, 
but nicely printed certificates; old school.  Some customers really
enjoy giving them and they are the perfect solution for gifts large or
small.  We make them for any amount you’d like, and can send them out

But here is what is fun — this time of year we invite a
little homemade DIY action.  Why not get crafty, use your imagination,
open up that aesthetic dimension of life, and prettify something as a
way to share some H&M joy?  You can make your own gift certificate
and we will honor it.

Yep, you can make your own gift card, for
any amount, drawing it up in any way you’d like.  Give them to your
loved ones, and voila, they can be ordering whatever they like, whenever
they like.

Here is how it works.  On the secure order form page at our website, just type in that you arpaper trail.jpge
making your own gift card and tell us the dollar amount you want it to
be for.  We will send to you the cc receipt (or a bill, if you’d rather)
to your address for your records.  We will also reply promptly via
email (as we always do) and give you a little gift certificate number
that you can write on the card somewhere, just for everybody’s records
.  (Be sure to give us YOUR email address, not the recipients, as we want to confirm with you.) 

If you tell us to whom you are giving it, that would be helpful for our
files, too.  We won’t correspond with them, but having a name would be
good.  That way, if they lose it — heaven forbid, since it will be a
work of art — we can still honor it. 

This is so easy, and if you’d
rather do it over the phone, that is simple, too.  Just call the shop at

Mhandmade christmas.jpgaking
and giving your own gift certificate is one last way for you to say
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, or to commemorate any of the Twelve
Days of Christmas, including (our family favorite)  Epiphany.  The
Persian astrologers brought gifts to Jesus on that day, so you could put
Epiphany art on it.  Smart thinking, eh?  Or use it for a Christmas eve
stocking stuffer or along with a thank you to someone who has blessed
you this year.

Speaking of gift-giving, you all are a great
gift to us.  Beth and I and our staff thank you for caring about books,
for supporting a real store, and for allowing us to inform you about
books we think you’ll like, all through the year.  We enjoy our on-line
friends and appreciate those who follow along, sharing in our efforts. 
You are part of this story and we are grateful, daily.  At this glorious
holiday time, though, we are especially aware of how we wouldn’t be
here if it were not for you, our friends and customers.  Merry, merry


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