I posted the Introduction to “Serious Dreams: Bold Ideas for the Rest of Your Life”

I hope this isn’t annoying or redundant, but some folks only occasionally check in to the updates of the BookNotes blog at our website, but may not check the longer “columns” that I post from time to time.  I wanted to tell a few stories about how we cooked up the idea for my new book, share how we curated, selected, and edited them, and thank people involved — mostly Ned Bustard of Square Halo Books and my wife and partner in this project, Beth.  It wasn’t exactly a review of the book, which I had already done at BookNotes, but offered a bit about the writing process that I thought you might enjoy. So I did that as an extended column, posting it there, rather than as BookNotes blog post.

More importantly, I put the whole introduction to the book there as well.  With our compliments, you can enjoy that. 

Just click here to get over to the “columns” section of the website to see the Introduction to Serious Dreams.

Sorry if you already knew that; those who subscribe got it into their in-box already, but wanted to be sure that those just checking the BookNotes blog didn’t miss those ruminations posted over there. And, better, the free copy of the introduction.
As I admit, I hope it gives you a flavor of the project and inspires you to get some of these and put them into the hands of adults you may know, and especially anyone graduating from college, grad school, seminary, or trade school this season.  May they follow God’s dreams, learning to live well, do good, be true.

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