Shane Clairborne’s Irresistible Revolution on the Radio

You most likely read at least some of my lengthy review of The Irresistible Revolution: Living as an Ordinary Radical by Shane Claiborne back in March at our Hearts & Minds website. I think I raved and critiqued in helpful ways, and we are selling a few of the book; not enough, but more than most places. (Blog special, still, by the way, we sell IR for $10.00 ) We find ourselves eager to tell folks about it, and it is fun to hear reactions as people read, are moved by and enjoy the plucky call to radical Christian discipleship from this young prankster who loves Jesus. He takes seriously deep theology and lives practically, trying to be faithful to a new way of life in the midst of the worst hurts of our fallen world.
I have a dozen new other books I want to tell you about—one on the Christian mind and the important of reading which I will post soon— and I have promised to review some extraordinary fiction, too, but tonight, I just got info that Shane is going to be on the Steve Brown radio show soon. It is a live stream on line, and I guess a radio show, aired later. I think hearing this interview will be fabulous—Steve is open-minded and culturally-savvy, if more socially and theologically conservative than Shane (does anybody recall the TV shows that we now rent as videos, where Steve Brown & Tony Campolo argue in a set designed to look like a diner with the waitress as the host? Nice.) Please spread the word of the chance to hear Shane on the air, this Friday, 12 noon.
Here is a link to the Steve Brown podcast info.
Here is a link to a blog that says it more attractively, a blog about the podcast. The fun part here, though, are the posts about Shane (and the art of posting blog comments) all in haikus. Who are these guys, who write in the style of Japanse poetry?
Join the Revolution. Not the haiku one, but Shane’s Irresistible one. Which, I’d say, is really Jesus’s. At least listen up on-line Friday, 12-2 EST.
Does anybody know more about the details of the actual radio times? Or is etcetera only streaming podcast? I know Brown is on Radio America, too. (This is complicated, but ping is a blog which lives to promote the Steve Brown etcetera radio (podcast) show. Is it on real radio? Help!)

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  1. Hi Byron, Here is more infoI sent this to you todayby e-mail tooSorry…haiku…I can’t help myself.Steve Brown Etc. is SteveÕs show, which is taped from 12 to 2PM on Friday. It airs on the Radio America Network on Saturday evening from 10 to Midnight, or on Sunday Afternoon, depending on the market. Also, it is a part of the Salem Radio Network, but I am less sure of the air-times on Salem. I believe that on Salem, only the first hour of the show airs. The second hour is much more casual. Shane will certainly be on in the first hour. Outside of hearing the show on the radio, Steve Brown Etc. can also be listened to as a live stream on Friday from noon to 2PM, downloaded as an MP3 (usually up on by Friday night sometime), or podcasted. Anyone who wants to call in to the show must do it between noon and 2PM on Friday.

  2. Hey: I don’t answer in these great poetic rhymes, but I’d say this (as I often do on these blog reviews):Either go to the website and order at the screen, or send me an email and I’ll confirm.Just send us the address, we will send the book. We can enclose a bill so you can pay later (we trust budding poets.)OR you can use a cc if you’d rather.THANKS. Byron

  3. Okay, so where I have been?? Never heard of this Shane guy, but he sounds like my kinda guy and JUST the sort of person I like to read books by. So send me one, too! I’ll email the order…can I PM it? If not, I’ll send a check.Thanks for all you do! Michele

  4. Just in Michele’s defense, if any faithful are reading along, and who say, with her, “Yeah, girl, where HAVE you been?” She has a brand new baby, and probably wasn’t reading Hearts & Minds book reviews (or anybody else’s) much when I did my speil. She doesn’t even post on her own site as much as she once did…(hint, hint.)She IS a great reader, a good H&M friend, and-yes, M–you are going to love Shane. He will convict you and you’ll enjoy it, knowing that our longings for a better world are wired deeply in our souls. And then you will want to ramp up efforts to please God and love people, esp the ones nobody else does. Thanks to Shane for being an agent of grace in action.

  5. Hi Byron,Received the book! Many thanks. Am assuming it’s PM-able since no bill was enclosed. Can’t wait to start it…this lazy long weekend is a perfect time.Thanks again for all you do!Peace,Michele

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