Subscription Snafu

Just a very quick announcement to tell you that the Hearts & Minds BookNotes blog automatic subscription—you can “subscribe” and you will be notified with a brief email when I post a new one every few days—has been somehow snafued, disabled, kaput. But now it has been healed. Or at least somewhat healed, for now.
Please, if you’re reading this and you have not subscribed, please consider doing so. It takes five seconds and it would give you a chance to know whenever I ramble. Well, whenever I ramble on about books….if I leave the house for parts unknown, you won’t know that. I’d be happy to see your email name in my subscription list and it will keep the H&M crew assured that I’m not wasting my time on this.
We trust that the subscription service is now up and running again—scroll on down a bit and see how many entries you’ve missed. Hopefully, now, though, we are “Automatic for the People.”
Tee hee.
A special kiss of peace (Biblical guy that I am) to those special few who were worried about us when they weren’t notified. It means a lot to think somebody notices these things.

One thought on “Subscription Snafu

  1. Byron, you sure do read and sell great books! 🙂 Thank you for mentioning mine (“Creed without Chaos”) in such August company.I am thinking that Dorothy Sayers’ “Letters to a Diminished Church” is more like a reprint of “The Whimsical Christian” (which was originally published in England as “Christian Letters to a Post-Christian World”) than of “Creed or Chaos”… There are far more essays (even non-theological ones) in it than in “Creed or Chaos.” They don’t entirely match up with “Whimsical Christian,” but it looks like perhaps they were selected from that collection.

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