Foundations for developing a Christian worldview

Taking Discipleship Seriously: A Radical Biblical Approach Tom Sine (Judson) A slim volume packed full of energetic and passionate Biblical explorations on the shape of whole-life service in the Kingdom of God. A great starter for thinking about Christian cultural engagement.
Living Like Jesus: Eleven Essentials for Growing a Genuine Faith Ron Sider (Baker) Although at first glance a standard book on basic Christian growth, Sider calls us to Christian faithfulness in every zone of life–from serving the poor to thinking Christianly, from being faithful in relationships to serving as wise stewards of the Earth. Few books of basic discipleship so nicely invite us to a whole-life perspective, seeking to serve as salt and light of the coming Kingdom of God.
Roaring Lambs: A Gentle Plan to Radically Change Your World Bob Briner (Zondervan) An easy-to-read primer, this is chock-full of nice stories and dramatic efforts. This esteemed leader in sports media invites us to get involved in shaping culture, serving as God’s agents, invading all spheres of society to be Christ’s witnesses. Very basic and a great starting point.
Plowing in Hope: Toward a Biblical Theology of Culture David Hegeman (Canon Press) God has called us to create culture, to open up the world in ways that are life-giving, Christ-honoring and creationally-appropriate. This brief survey of that mandate is very solid Biblically and invites us to rethink our foundational assumptions.
Creation Regained: Biblical Basis for a Reformational Worldview Al Wolters (Eerdmans) One of the most basic texts which shows that the Bible gives us a unique worldview. Four solid chapters spell out the impact of Christ’s redemption for the distortions causes by sin in every area of life; hence, the title. This no-nonsense little Bible study could change your life!
Heaven Is Not My Home: Living in the Now of God’s Creation Paul Marshall (Word) Sadly now out of print and only available from Hearts & Minds, this exciting book includes Christian perspectives in various sides of life–from art to politics, work to rest, education to worship. What a magnificent call to serve God totally, thinking and living before God’s face and for His glory.
The Transforming Vision: Shaping a Biblical Worldview Brian Walsh & Richard Middleton (IVP) Perhaps the most strategic book on our list, this is a comprehensive look at worldviews, necessary Biblical teaching, discerning cultural analyses and the radical call to think Christianly, especially in the university. A must-read!
Subversive Christianity: Imaging God in Dangerous Times Brian Walsh (Alta Vista) Four thoughtful messages, each building on the whole-life discipleship and framework presented in Transforming Vision. Here, Walsh passionately asks why, if we are thinking Christianly and serving God across every zone of life, are we not making a Kingdom impact? His answer is urgent and much needed!
How Now Shall We Live? Charles Colson & Nancy Pearcey (Tyndale) Colson has said that this is his life’s work, the book which is his most important. It is, like the above, a plea to see life in light of Biblical categories, to think Christianly and to allow our theological perspective guide our every thought and deed. With such a vision we can create a groundswell of cultural reformation. A truly significant book.
The Call: Finding and Fulfilling the Central Purpose of Your Life Os Guinness (Word) One of our all-time favorites, this eloquent and elegant book gently calls us to a faith seen as response to God’s decisive call to us in Jesus Christ. Very well written, this is one of the great books of our time!
The Fabric of Faithfulness: Weaving Together Belief and Behavior in the University Years Steven Garber (IVP) Few campus workers have been as committed to thinking how to help students think and live Christianly as Dr. Garber, and his profound, fascinating and important study has been considered by many to be nearly a classic. Not a simple read, but richly rewarding, this is a treasure-trove of stories, insights, testimonies and cultural discernment. For advanced students, this is a must-have, must-live book to read and re-read.
Habits of the Mind: Intellectual Life as a Christian Calling James Sire (IVP) Sire has written widely in the fields of worldview, the discipleship of the mind and the need to be serious readers. Here, in his most passionate and personal work, he invites us to use our minds in a manner consistent with our deepest worldview and in Christ’s service.
In the Fields of the Lord: A Calvin Seerveld Reader edited by Craig Bartholomew (Toronto Tuppence) Few writers embody a transforming vision and creation-restored worldview as the unique writer, Bible scholar, art historian and Christian philosopher Dr. Calvin Seerveld This extraordinary collection gathers together a diverse array of his lectures, sermons, meditations and articles on everything from daily work to the need for a reformational Christian philosophy. Truly a rare anthology from one of the most amazing writers alive today.
Creating a Christian Worldview: Abraham Kuyper’s Lectures on Calvinism Peter Heslam (Eerdmans) One hundred years ago, Abraham Kuyper, pastor, theologian, revival leader, journalist and Prime Minister of the Netherlands delivered five seminal lectures at Princeton, proclaiming a neo-Calvinistic worldview and developing a Christian perspective in the arts, commerce, science and politics. This important book tells the extraordinary story of Kuyper’s vision and the dramatic, historical impact it has made, even to this day. This is a story which must be known and told.