Being a Christian in Science Walter Hearn (IVP) A very basic intro to the topic. Thoughtful and well-done, but easy to read. Good for beginners.
The Soul of Science: Christian Faith and Natural Philosophy Nancy Pearcey & Charles Thaxton (Crossway) A fascinating study of the underlying worldviews–often overtly Christian!–that shaped the earliest of scientists, and why such a perspective is needed today.
Biology Through the Eyes of Faith Richard Wright (HarperCollins) A very well done and provocative read, which, like the others in this important series, can serve as a Christian text in the field. Great!
Darwin on Trial Phillip Johnson (IVP) The standard introduction to the recent “intelligent design” movement. A charming book, full of radical truth, wit and level-headed critique of the secular assumptions of the Darwinist worldview. Dedicated students in this field will follow all of his important books.
Signs of Intelligence: Understanding Intelligent Design Edited by William Dembski & James Kushim (Brazos Press) Fourteen essays by the main players in the intelligent design movement–Johnson, Behe, Pearcey, Johnson, et al. Written in very clear and accessible language, this is the best overview argument.
The Battle for Beginnings: Why Neither Side is Winning the “Creation & Evolution” Debate Del Ratzch (IVP) A thoughtful perspective which argues that a truly Christian framework for science will transcend this narrow debate. Wow!
Science & Christianity: Four Views edited by Richard Carlson (IVP) What a great book–four different Christians tell how they integrate their faith and their science, and each argues back with the other. Four very different perspectives help us think through all the key issues…
The Limits of Science Del Ratzch (IVP) Somewhat philosophical, but an essential read for thinking faithfully about what science is, how it works and what Christians in the field can do. The best book on a Christian philosophy of science.