Social Work

Christianity and Social Work: Readings on the Integration of Christian Faith and Social Work Practice edited by Beryl Hugen (NAACSW) Every field should have such a clear guidebook to serving Christ in the profession. Very thorough.
Family Violence: The Compassionate Church Responds Melissa Miller (Herald Press) Many social workers will have to work with issues of domestic violence or sexual abuse. Gratefully, there are many Christian books which address these topics; this is a great place to begin as it gives excellent information, includes helpfully creative Bible studies and integrates not only faith, but the role of the local church.
Addiction and Grace Gerald May (HarperCollins) Many social workers will work with those who are struggling with various sorts of addictions and dependencies. This profound and readable theological reflection is the best on the topic. A great read for professionals or anyone open for new insight in their own lives.
Reflections on Aging and Spiritual Growth edited by Andrew Weaver, et al (Abingdon) A fine collection of stories and testimonials of how deeply spiritual writers have seen aging as part of their faith journey. May give those who work with elders a good sense of how to approach spiritual formation issues.
Another Country: Navigating the Emotional Terrain of Our Elders Mary Pipher (Riverhead) Although not an evangelical book, this is perhaps the best-written book on aging people in America. Pipher, of course, is known for her well-known work with teenage girls, and has now given us a brilliant and caring book on older folks. Will surely help Christian social workers develop an informed and insightful attitude.
Beyond Charity: The Call to Christian Community Development John Perkins (Baker) The standard first book to read on community development.
Restorers of Hope Amy Sherman (Crossway) A practical, clear-headed account of how church-based ministries can effectively assist the poor.
Toward a Just and Caring Society: Christian Responses to Poverty in America Edited by David Gushee (Baker) A brilliant collection of semi-scholarly article on various aspects of the work against poverty. Extraordinary and thorough.
Walking With the Poor: Principles and Practices of Transformational Development Bryant Myers (Orbis) A very important work, set largely in third-world settings, showing how those who are serving can be respectful allies of the poor in their own struggles for justice. Very in depth, this work is nearly a masterpiece.
Called to Serve: Creating and Nurturing the Effective Volunteer Board Max De Pree (Eerdmans) Many social workers have to navigate the organizational systems of various non-profit agencies. This book gives both inspiring and practical advice from a renowned corporate leader, including theologically-sound insight into working with volunteer-based organizations.