Technology & Engineering

Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology Neil Postman (Vintage) This Jewish scholar has thought hard about the need to resist the idolatry of technology. Very insightful and very important.
Responsible Technology edited by Stephen V. Monsma (Calvin Center for Christian Scholarship) Now out of print, but stocked at Hearts & Minds, this brilliant book is the only one of its kind, offering an interdisciplinary, overtly Christian study of technology and engineering. A must.
The Civilized Engineer Samuel Florman (St. Martin’s) A gifted writer and a practicing engineer looks at everything from design to the training of engineers, from its history to the need for ethics. In a nutshell, this non-religious writer invites engineers to be better than they are. Clearly not adequate, but a great start!
The Introspective Engineer Samuel Florman (St. Martin’s) Although not overtly Christian, what an idea–that engineers should be thoughtful, reflective and spiritually-engaged with their technical work. Young Christian engineers could benefit from a discerning reading of any of Florman’s thoughtful books.
The Whale and the Reactor: A Search for Limits in an Age of High Technology Langdon Winner (University of Chicago) A serious read, this wisely asks us to search for limits. Although not overtly from a Christian perspective, many consider it a “must read.”
Visions of Technology Richard Rhodes (Simon & Schuster) A collection of primary source writings–a century’s worth of vital debate about machines, systems and the human world. A few people of faith are represented and the underlying beliefs about technology and engineering are evident. A handy reference tool.
Choices at the Heart of Technology: A Christian Perspective Ruth Conway (Trinity Press International) Conway is active in the movement in England which does technological education and promotes serious theological reflection on modern ethics.
Perspectives on Technology and Culture Egbert Schuurman (Dordt College Press) Although quite philosophical, this overview of the history of thought about technology is a brilliant bit, but a Christian professor of engineering in the Netherlands.