Urban Ministry

Theirs Is the Kingdom: Celebrating the Gospel in Urban America Robert Lupton (HarperCollins) A great little book whose Atlanta-based ministry Tony Campolo has called “one of the most inspiring in America.”
Urban Disciples: A Beginner’s Guide To Serving God in the City Jenell Williams Paris & Margot Owen Eyring (Judson) An excellent interactive workbook.
City of God, City of Satan Robert Linthicum (Zondervan) A Biblical theology of the urban ministry. A must-read Scriptural study.
Revolution and Renewal: How Churches are Saving Our Cities Tony Campolo (Westminster) With dramatic storytelling and fierce examples, this is the evidence that Christian social workers, faith-based agencies and local urban congregations are truly making a world of difference. Powerful.
Signs of Hope in the City: Ministries of Community Renewal edited by Robert Carle and Louis Decaro (Judson) A spectacular collection of case studies all set in New York City–in Asian-American, Latino and African American settings–including a true variety of ministries, programs and efforts.
A Heart for the City: Effective Ministries to the Urban Community edited by John Fuder (Moody) This is perhaps the most comprehensive collection of articles yet assembled on the topic, covering a vast array of topics, strategies and struggles.
Urban Ministry: The Kingdom, the City and the People of God Harvie Conn & Manuel Ortiz (IVP) What an excellent text–this explores a Kingdom vision for urban programs, the development of cities, the rise of social and institutional structures and how to be effective in sophisticated and faithful urban outreach.