Author and pastor Tim Keller to speak in Pittsburgh this week


One of the great pastors and churchman of our time is doubtlessly Rev.Timothy Keller, a PCA church planter who founded Redeemer Church in Manhattan.  Keller is known for his seriously orthodox Reformed theology, his great vision of cultural engagement, their center for encouraging the relation of faith and work, and his creative and persistent support of Christians in the artistic community.  He’s been written up in city magazines in NY and is widely respected among civic and religious groups there.  As he often says, quite nicely on the Christian Vision Project’s Where Faith and Culture Meet DVD curriculum, the Jeremiah 22 passage about “seeking the peace of the city” means not only a concern for urban ministry, for shalom and justice, but for a commitment to a sense of place, to a locale.  His loyalty to the city, to New York City, is as palpable as is his commitment to the gospel of Christ’s Kingdom.

reason for god.jpgKeller released a book this winter that is getting rave reviews in a variety of circles, a book which invites skeptics to examine their doubts and which invites Christian believers to explore doubt with a bit more freedom. The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism is the title of this book released by the major New York house, Dutton Books ($24.95.)  Some have suggested, with good reason, that it is the Mere Christianity of our day.  These are his responses to some of the most typical objections to faith that he hears in his work in New York, and, as such, is useful for any who may have or hear these kinds of concerns.  It is smart and interesting, and includes many anecdotes and stories of his evangelistic work among the young adult and very multi-cultural tribes in lower Manhattan.

I need not review it here, although it is worthy of considerable review, as it covers so many important topics in apologetics, philosophy,  culture, spirituality, and faith.  We have promoted it since its release last February, and many of our most loyal customers are fans of Keller and the many church plants that have emerged from Redeemer Presbyterian through-out the region.  It is, we are confident, a book that will endure.

We want to announce (and ask for your prayers) that we will be with Rev. Keller at a free lecture in Pittsburgh, this coming Thursday, May 22, 2008.  His event is sponsored by the campus ministry organization of which we are associated, the CCO.  We will set up a book display of Reason for God in the prestigious Carnegie Music Hall and help with an autograph session with Rev. Keller after his speech.  We are thrilled to have this opportunity. Here are the details, if you can make it, or want to tell anyone you know about it.

Want an autographed book?
 We are selling them for $20 and if you give us the name to whom
it is to be made out (by late Wednesday night, please)
 I will try to get “Ëœem autographed for you. 
We can send them, then, signed, sealed, delivered

I have to admit this is a bit dicey.  I will be manning the book table, Keller’s time will be limited, we have to see how supplies last.  Still, I’m thinking it would be a sweet gift for somebody you know, and we just might be able to pull it off.  (If we cannot, if something goes haywire, I will email you back on Friday.) 

Let us know.  Send an email soon; give us the proper spelling of who you want it made out to.  We’ll be in touch.

In the meantime, check out this important and significant spokesperson for creative cultural engagement out of thoughtful, caring, historic, evangelical faith. Pay a visit to the Reason for God website, which includes a nice video clip of Keller talking about the book. Here is a very thorough collection of Keller articles, sermons, news clipping about him, video links and such.  Here is a recent Newsweek story.  That his vision has born such fruit in the city of cynics is a testimony to the substance and fidelity of Redeemer’s approach and we are pleased to commend Keller’s earlier books, one on social ministry (Ministries of Mercy: The Call of the Jericho Road) and a chapter he contributed in a book called Worship By The Book.  Mostly, though, we thank God for his good work in NYC and hope his presentation bears fruit in Pittsburgh.  We hope you enjoy knowing about him, and consider joining us if you can, this Thursday, in Pittsburgh, PA.  It will be an evening to remember.

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2 thoughts on “Author and pastor Tim Keller to speak in Pittsburgh this week

  1. This sounds very exciting.
    If you run out of copies of this new book by Keller, he could always sign copies of the book he contributed to called “It Was Good: Making Art to the Glory of God.” In that book Keller answers the question, “Why does the Church need artists?”

  2. Ned,
    Ohhh, thanks for the good reminder. That is a GREAT chapter. I listed “Woship by the Book” since he wrote a third of it (I mis-spoke when I said a chapter, I should have said a section.)
    Still, for Keller fans, or anybody that wants to do meaningful church-based cultural witness, that chapter is a must-read (as are many of the pieces in that book.) Keller groupies, take note: this is the place he spells out his concern for the arts. It Was Good is more than good!

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