Longer review article just posted at the March monthly review column

Hey, BookNotes friends—just did a longer review article over at the monthly review column (March 2010.)  I ruminated a bit on the religion vs faith debate–a dumb way to frame it if you ask me—inspired by an interesting article in Newsweek about the controversy at Harvard University about the study of religion (or lack thereof) in their liberal arts curriculum.

The article got me thinking about how religion is considered some separate side of life that can be studied, instead of the deepest worldview from which the study is happening.  This is hugely complex, but we’ve got some books that can help–I’m sure of it.  So I rambled and I listed a handful of titles, some new, and a few older ones that came to mind as helpful for anyone navigating this complex conversation, in our schools, towns, churches.   

Here is the link over to the monthly review column (or you can just click on the top bar of the website, on “reviews.”  There, I have a link to the Newsweek piece about Harvard, and offer a whole bunch of books, all on sale at 20% off. 

Here are just a few of the ones I describe:

belief 3.JPG
Myth of religious Neutrality.jpg

reason for god.png

how postmodernism.jpg
science and its limits.jpg

abolition of man.jpg

case for civility.jpgbetween relativism.jpg

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  1. Byron, I just have to say that review was outstanding. Thank you thank you thank you!
    I have Abolition of Man on my bookshelf…now I’m going to read it!

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