I missed that memo.

A funny saying making the rounds these days—I missed that memo–suggests that sometimes we feel out of the loop, missing something, unaware.
Well, this time, it isn’t your fault. Our automatic notification “subscription” went a bit hay-wire and somehow the thing got, to use the proper term, xed out. Or maybe disabled is what they call it now.
It has been re-enabled and you now can see that I’ve posted a couple of really important book annoucements in the past week. Please scroll down and check them out, since I’ve got a few more up my sleeve, coming down the pike.
Sorry about the inconvenience. It is gratifying to know that some of you missed these reports (well, just a few) although it is weird to think that you thought I’d have any idea how to fix it.
As always, kudos to Scott the Ubiquitous Cyber-Man who can fix these things and to fellow blogger Denise Frame Harlan, who told us how. You should subscribe to her blog of lovely and powerful prose because she is going to be a famous author someday. Enjoy.

2 thoughts on “I missed that memo.

  1. I just received the subscription e-mail, and was surprised to see several reviews. What a great surprise, too!-Jason Panella

  2. From your pen to God’s ears!I know you’ve been looking for an excuse to drop my name on your blog, and I sure hope to give you a better excuse some day, better than my “hey where’s my subscription?” research in blogland. Thank you for the praise and hope, Byron. Has the snow melted, yet? Best to your family– great to meet Steph and Micah, a long month ago in waist-high drifts.

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