Environmental Sciences

Remembering Creation: God’s World of Wonder & Delight Scott Hoezee (Eerdmans) An absolutely delightful and moving collection of Biblical reflections on God’s love for the world and our calling to care as God does. Very, very inspiring, putting first concerns–God and Scripture–first.
The Best Sermon’s On Earth edited by Stan LeGuire (Judson) For those who need solid Biblical study and inspiring meditations, this wide-ranging collection of sermons is superb! With messages by some of our greatest preacher, this is sure to inspire and motivate Christians to get and stay involved in environmental action.
The Earth is the Lord’s: A Message of Hope for the Environment Steve Bishop & Chris Droop (Regious) A simple but potent little book. A great green starter!
Caring for Creation: Responsible Stewardship of God’s Handiwork Calvin DeWitt (Center for Public Justice) This slim volume includes an excellent speech by renowned Christian ecologist Cal DeWitt and three thoughtful responses. Probing and insightful, this is an important contribution to the discussion and policy debates.
Redeeming Creation: The Biblical Basis for Environmental Stewardship Fred Van Dyke et al (IVP) Four Christians in various sciences have given us a standard Christian text–Biblically-informed and scientifically serious–about our calling to take care of God’s earth and animals. Very thorough.
Home Economics Wendell Berry (NorthPoint Press) No list would be complete without at least one collection of essays by this brilliant and highly respected agrarian poet/novelist/farmer. Known for rich and diverse works about culture and agriculture, this is a wonderful place to start, but don’t miss his other wonderful work.
Simpler Living, Compassionate Life: A Christian Perspective edited by Michael Schut (Living the Good News/Morehouse) Without a doubt, the best book of its kind, this is an invitation to reflect spiritually on daily lifestyle questions, matters of consumerism and Earth-care, use of time and use of resources. Included are remarkably helpful study questions, guided devotional readings and other great resources for becoming more faithful in our daily routines. A true gift for anyone to use and ponder.
Earthkeepers: An Environmental Perspective on Hunger, Poverty and Injustice Art & Jocele Meyers (Herald Press) A basic discussion of the relationship of global concerns, sustainable development, ecological stewardship and world missions. Especially for those interested in the “two-thirds world” this is a great help.