The Christian Imagination

Some customers have told us that they enjoy hearing of our travels; I suspect it may get tiresome for others. We may be idealistic to think it excites you to hear that we’ve sold books here or there, that we are one step closer to maybe being solvent this year, that God’s people were served as they were introduced to volumes that, frankly, they wouldn’t have seen elsewhere. We thank you for your prayers and support and interest. Beth and I and our dedicated staff have logged long hours trying to make this thing work, and we know that YOU are a part of it. So thanks.
So, for those that are pushing a little push-pin into some map somewhere tracking the exploits of the Hearts & Minds book van, you can mark us down for having been outside of Philly, in the lovely neighborhoods around Newtown Square, to a classy Christian school called The Deleware County Christian School. We’ve got friends who have graduated from there; a friend and neighbor here has a son teaching there. We were honored—really!—when their good headmaster called and asked us to set up a large display on the arts, literature, fantasy, music, poetry and such. If somebody mentions “worldview formation” or “cultural engagement” you know we are interested! Their annual “Renewed Minds” conference this year was featuring none other than the esteemed Wheaton professor Leland Ryken. Ryken has done a great book or two on work & leisure, he has our favorite book on the Puritans, and several on the Bible as literature. He is in love with the English language and has vast appreciation for the arts. We’ve appreciated his good call to faithful artistic appreciation, the great The Liberated Imagination and, on very good one on literature, Windows to the World (both happily reprinted recently by Wifp & Stock. God bless ’em.)
My favorite, though, is the second and considerably expanded edition of the fascinating The Christian Imagination: The Practice of Faith in Literature and Writing (Shaw; $17.99. See below for sale price!) Even if it is often used as a college text, this anthology is a treasure for any home and we couldn’t commend it more. It has wise explanations and study questions and such, but the heart of it are extended primary source excerpts from writers such as J.R.R. Tolkien, Frederick Buechner, Annie Dillard, G.K. Chesterton, George MacDonald, Francis Schaeffer, Luci Shaw, T.S. Eliot. What a thrilling collection, to have Denise Levertov next to Robert Siegle, to read the book-loving ruminations of Sven Berkett alongside Peter Leithart; to ponder the work of Jacques Maritain and Gene Veith. (Ahhh, if only Calvin Seerveld was included here!) But Madeline L’Engle is, and so is Larry Woiwode. Old Wheaton guys like Tom Howard and Clyde Kilby are here, but so are film buff Brian Gotawa and Kentucky farmer/poet Wendell Berry. And more, many more.
If this doesn’t pique your interest, perhaps this isn’t your thing. But if you read Hearts & Minds BookNotes, I suspect that if you don’t want this, you know somebody who would. Call us today and get a blog special.


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3 thoughts on “The Christian Imagination

  1. Sounds tempting, and I love the cover. I’ll be passing this link on to a few friends who’d feel the same. 🙂

  2. I haven’t made it over here in far too long. Such great deals on books that sound so delicious! Alas, I’m forbidding myself from buying anymore books until I finish at least two of the 12 I currently have in progress. 🙁

  3. Hi, again, Byron–Nice chatting with you today! I’m back to give you that list of books I’m reading. These are the books that are all generally actively in progress right now. A few others are sitting on my shelves with bookmarks part-way through them, but I’ve been away from those so long I’ll almost have to start over with them. :-)Housekeeping – Marilynne RobinsonMe Talk Pretty One Day – David SedarisWalking on Water – L’EngleThe Writing Life – Annie Dillardstill haven’t finished Colossians Remixed Gift from the Sea – Anne Morrow LindberghThe Selected Poems of Wendell BerryBoundaries – Cloud and TownsendHeart Whispers: Benedictine Wisdom for Today – Elizabeth CanhamCry, The Beloved Country – Alan PatonI guess it’s not quite 12, but if you count the periodicals I’m also trying to keep up with (The Economist, New Yorker, Poets & Writers, Tin House), well, it’s more reading than I have time for. 🙂

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