How to Read Slowly James Sire (Harold Shaw) An entry-level look at how worldviews undergird great writing and how to be discerning of the philosophies of novelists, poets, journalists and even textbook authors.
Reading With Deeper Eyes: The Love of Literature and the Life of Faith William Willimon (Upper Room) These inspirational book reviews illustrate how deep matters of faith are seen in contemporary novels. A nice example of thinking religiously about even so-called secular novels.
Persuade Us To Rejoice: The Liberating Power of Fiction Robert McAfee Brown (Westminster) A similar, somewhat more weighty book, looking at various novels and showing their redemptive qualities.
Reading Between the Lines Gene Vieth (Crossway) An insightful but basic Christian entry into the world of literature and how literature communicates.
Literature Through the Eyes of Faith Sharon Gallagher & Roger Lundin (HarperCollins) A thoughtful, basic textbook with a bit about deconstruction and literary criticism.
Dismissing God: Modern Writers’ Struggle Against Religion Bruce Lockerbie (Baker Books) A serious and caring exploration of modern writers whose work emerged out of their unbelief. Very helpful.
Invitation to the Classics: A Guide to Books You’ve Always Wanted to Read Edited by Louise Cowan & Os Guinness (Baker) An attractive encyclopedia of great writers, classic texts and significant authors–both fiction and nonfiction–with Christian insight and evaluation of their value. A wonderful book to own and treasure!