Spiritual Lives of the Great Composers Patrick Kavanaugh (Zondervan) An easy to read and very important chronicle of classical music’s Christian heritage.
Music As Medicine Deforia Lane (Zondervan) The inspiring story of the respected African American music therapist from Case Western.
The Music of Angels: A Listener’s Guide to Sacred Music from Chant to Christian Rock Patrick Kavanaugh (Loyola Press) A very helpful historical guide, including suggested recordings, to Christian music of all sorts.
Music Through the Eyes of Faith Harold Best (HarperCollins) Like the others in this series, this is the essential book for the field. Excellent!
The Sound of the Harvest: Music’s Mission in Church and Culture Nathan Corbitt (Baker Books) Get this: a cross-culturally sensitive Christian ethno-musicologist reflecting on the use of music in missions and postmodern culture.
The Sacred in Music Albert Blackwell (Westminster) A rich scholarly theological study, particularly on the power of music and how it can be sacramental.