Sports, Physical Education, Physical Therapy

Fearfully & Wonderfully Made Phil Yancey & Paul Brand (Zondervan) Although not designed to develop a Christian perspective for scholars in the field, these delightful meditations on the human body help us recall the wonder of God’s creation.
The Right Way to Win: How Athletes Can Place God First Mike Blaylock (Moody) A very simple and basic book, this is a good start towards seeing sports in a Christian way.
Christianity and Leisure: Issues in a Pluralistic Society edited by Paul Heintzman et al (Dordt College Press) An excellent gathering of Christian essays on topics such as rest, leisure, play and athletics. Few fields have books this good!
Physical Education, Sports and Wellness: Looking to God as We Look to Ourselves Edited by John Byl &Tom Visker (Dordt College Press) A remarkable collection of essays on a Biblical view of the body, the role of sports training, phys ed instruction and various reflections on sports and competition in Christian perspective.
Muscular Christianity: Evangelical Protestants and the Development of American Sports Tony Ladd & James Mathisen (Baker Books) A seriously written history of American sports and how Christians influenced–and were influenced by–the “muscular” notions of strength, winning, heroism and success. Important.