Hearts & Minds friend Nancy Pearcey on Prime Time America radio show this week

Nancy’s excellent 1994 book on the history of science and the rise of naturalism as a secular worldview, The Soul of Science (Crossway; $15.99) was the first book that mentioned our bookstore in the acknowledgments.  What a thrill for us as booksellers to be so commended—we are still grateful and proud!  Years later, she continues to write well, and her book Total Truth: Liberating Christianity from Its Cultural Captivity (Crossway; $25)  is one of the most fascinating and important books we’ve sold in recenttotal truth.jpg years. As the best-known proponent of the intellectual and spiritual orientation of Francis Schaeffer writing today, she is thoughtful, amazingly well-read, no-nonsense and, we find, quite charming.  Even if you don’t agree with her fully, she is a thoughtful Christian spokesperson who combines a rigorously intellectual overview of Christian faith and an astute, provocative, and, at least in the broad strokes, utterly compelling evaluation of the errors of the rationalistic, Enlightenment epistemology as well as the relativist strains with the postmodern critique. She desires to explore this intellectual history and debunk the subsequent “sacred/secular dualism” so that we might think more faithfully and engage the culture in transforming and renewing ways.  Her work is a great example of thinking deeply so we might act wisely, in our personal, family and church lives, but also in work, civic discourse, political action and across the spectrum of life.

If you “track with” that kind of stuff, you’ll want to tune in. If this doesn’t make much sense to you, or, worse, if you don’t care, please give her a listen this week.  Visit Prime Time America radio show at  www.mbn.org  here to locate a radio station in your area or to listen on-line.

in honor of the radio broadcast series
Nancy Pearcy
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 Total Truth
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